Theme Park Discussion / Who wants to join me in DC in mid-June?

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    Looks like I'll likely be stuck in DC in June for four days, as I'm visiting my girlfriend and she won't be able to get those days off from work.


    It's June 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th. Great opportunity to visit theme parks. Six Flags America and King's Dominion come to mind. Busch Gardens is a bit too far away and I'm probably doing Hershey's with my girlfriend. Who'd be willing to join me and give me a ride?


    Disclaimer: I'll say this in advance, as to not make it personal at some point: I'm not into meeting up with total strangers, but there are plenty of people here that I'm more familiar with and happy to meet in real life.


    Disclaimer #2: this is all hypothetical. Decent chance I won't be going at all, but it's a good idea to explore all my options.

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    Fuck you, you don't deserve shit.






    Nah, I'd love to head down but I'm travelling to California a couple weeks before that so I wouldn't be able to find the vacation time to travel to DC. Hope you find a ride!

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    Come to Sydney I'll be nice
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    kings dominion sounds fun.

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    Disclaimer 1: I don't want to meet you either Liam! :p

    Disclaimer 2: Hypothetically see disclaimer 1.
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    Sure, hit me up! 

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    Yo, seeing this a month late, but I live near DC. I'll shoot you a PM to take a look here.  Currently scheduled to work that weekend, but I'll see what I can manage. 

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    I worked at Kings Dominion for six seasons... if you need tips regarding that park or Busch Gardens Williamsburg, definitely PM me.


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