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    I started a band with my bud called Animal Friends and we just released our first demo!

    They are pretty rough takes due to the fact that they were recorded on a $30 microphone in my bedroom, in one very stressful day. Listen to them if you want to, or don't. You do you!


    Check it out!

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    Outside of the recording quality, this was pretty nice.  Definitely needs drums or a bass guitar though, seems a bit light.


    Hope you guys keep at it.

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    Thank you! It sounds light for sure, but we currently only have two members (including myself). And in the time that I wrote and recorded this stuff I neglected to write bass parts. In the future though, we fully intend to have bass, synths, and backing vocals in our music.

    As of now, all we have is 3 shitty guitars, a shitty bass, 2 shitty amps, an electric drum set (the acoustic set is 500 mi away at the moment), and a shitty keyboard. We're hoping to generate some buzz, at least in the Denver area, and start playing some gigs and make some extra cash for sound improvements.


    In any case, i'm glad you enjoyed it!

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    this is pretty interesting. it's lacking any form of discipline, but it has an interesting edge. keep working hard, there is shitloads of stuff available on youtube to help you along the way. knowledge is power. knowledge makes things listenable. i'd probably recommend practicing really hard on playing in time with a click. it will change your life.


    here's sssammy's plan for you to improve your setup:

    1. get an audio interface. this will allow you to use actual microphones. categorically stay away from usb ones. that's your only warning. you should be able to find one online for 50 bucks, possibly less if you snag a deal. uphoria <----- just found this on US amazon. consider it.


    2. get a condenser microphone. condenser microphones require 48v Phantom power (which is turned on at the back of the interface i linked) and has MUCH higher fidelity than dynamic microphones under your run of the mill recording situations. <----- ey this is a deal and a half. consider it.


    3. get a mic stand, xlr cables and decent headphones. this will improve your experience by 10000000%


    ALTERNATIVELY: get someone else to record your songs. 

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    Thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate it.

    While I did take band and choir classes in secondary school, and even had voice training at one point, I have very limited music theory knowledge, learning most of what I know by ear. I started playing guitar 5 years ago and never had any lessons, but I've been practicing hard since that recording.

    I will definitely start using a metronome, as even my bandmate suggested it. But yeah the tempo and rhythm quality on this tape is very lacking. It's a big reason why I've been practicing a lot since then.

    I definitely don't want someone else to record my songs, let alone tell me what to do with my music, but I got a Shure SM58 microphone for my birthday along with a mic stand and a couple pedals. My sound has gotten much better in the past couple months. I'm hoping for a DAC for Xmas, or an audio interface, either of which would be extremely helpful!


    Anyway, thanks again for your encouragement and suggestions! They will go a long way.

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    So recently I came into contact with someone who has a Spotify distribution license and they agreed to put the demo up on Spotify! This is a huge step forward in showing the world my music and I couldn't be happier or more excited for what is to come. 

    If you haven't already, give it a listen and tell me what you think!

    Any kind of feedback or suggestions are very much appreciated.

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    I definitely don't want someone else to record my songs, let alone tell me what to do with my music,



    WARNING: this attitude is the death of music. music is collaborative and to outright deny the advice of others will slow your journey a millionfold. its a romantic concept to say that your music is a true expression of what is within and is sacrilege to criticise. however, you will get better a lot quicker if you trust others to give advice (big difference between this and letting someone take over your vision)


    luckily we have an excellent analogy - imagine if everyone who joined NE didn't take advice/let someone help them with things. a producer (someone like me who would record you) is your friend. they aren't trying to hijack your vision. they're trying to get it out there in an understandable medium. 


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