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    Welcome, stranger! Khajit have exotic new ware on sale. He accept gold only.


    -I fixed these two objects, so they could align with other similar Spanish roof objects. Seemed to be two notches too low. 





    Here are they are: 

    Attached File  SFRF2F.DAT (7.36KB)
    downloads: 6

    Attached File  SFRF3F.DAT (6.78KB)
    downloads: 6


    -A diagonal version of the Liampie Voliere roof object:
    Attached File  voliere.PNG (527bytes)
    downloads: 10

    Attached File  ZS-DGVOL.DAT (1.26KB)
    downloads: 8


    -A quarter tile version of the diagonal fence-columns object (I was almost certain it already exists somewhere, but after asking in the NE Discord, it seemed no one had one):

    Attached File  columns.PNG (437bytes)
    downloads: 11

    Attached File  ZS-DGCOL.DAT (1.53KB)
    downloads: 5


    -A path block object, based on this path:
    Attached File  Capture.PNG (4.06KB)
    downloads: 7--->Attached File  path.PNG (4.06KB)
    downloads: 5

    Attached File  ZS-PTH01.DAT (7.49KB)
    downloads: 12


    -A diagonal version of the above path block:
    Attached File  diagonal tinstone.PNG (2.28KB)
    downloads: 0

    Attached File  ZS-PTH02.DAT (12.91KB)
    downloads: 8


    -A closed shutters version of the Pirate Shuttered Window by ToonTowner:
    Attached File  shuttered.PNG (528bytes)
    downloads: 1

    Attached File  ZS-WNDW2.DAT (1.13KB)
    downloads: 4

    [FIXED VERSION]: Attached File  ZS-WND2F.DAT (1.2KB)
    downloads: 4


    -The window from ToonTowner's mud window wall piece (also a wall piece)

    Attached File  window.PNG (713bytes)
    downloads: 4

    Attached File  ZS-WNDW1.DAT (2.42KB)
    downloads: 7


    -A door wall piece from the Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle project:
    Attached File  door2.PNG (858bytes)
    downloads: 2

    Attached File  ZS-DOOR1.DAT (3.43KB)
    downloads: 8

    Note: Only the wall edge (which is supposed to be the colour of the wall the door is placed over) is colour-customizable, the door isn't. If I should make a fully colour-customizable version, let me know!


    -The LOTR Shire banner wall w/o the poles on each side:

    Attached File  banner.PNG (578bytes)
    downloads: 1

    Attached File  ZS-SH44.DAT (2.6KB)
    downloads: 10


    -A Villa Volta wall's window piece:

    Attached File  Villa Volta.PNG (481bytes)
    downloads: 0

    Attached File  ZS-WNDW4.DAT (985bytes)
    downloads: 5


    -A Villa Volta wall's door piece:
    Attached File  Volta Door.PNG (489bytes)
    downloads: 0

    Attached File  ZS-DOOR2.DAT (3.37KB)
    downloads: 4


    -A window from the "brick wall with castle window - AVL" set:

    Attached File  Castle Long.PNG (1013bytes)
    downloads: 0

    Attached File  ZS-WNDW3.DAT (5.42KB)
    downloads: 6


    -Diagonal window based on "K0NG - Diagonal Castle Window 2"

    Attached File  Diagonal.PNG (630bytes)
    downloads: 0

    Attached File  ZS-DGWND.DAT (859bytes)
    downloads: 5


    I wanna extend my gratitude to the people who made all the original objects.


    Here's the change; thank you, come again!

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    The column object had a mistake in it, which meant I had to update the link with the corrected object. Unfortunately, the file already had one download by then. Which isn't too bad, I guess. Could have been worse. 


    I plan on uploading two more objects later.

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    Thats great dude, thanks for making it! That window would be very nice for arabian themes and that grass object can be very usefull too.

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    4 more objects added! Check the original post above for all the links!

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    Thank you for sharing those overhere!
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    Good stuff. I really like the flags, the closed shutters, and the path.

    Don't do the stuff with the column object again, spreading a duplicate object is risky.
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    Great stuff

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    Awesome, thanks for these.

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    I'll take extra care from now on, Liam. 


    Happy to share these, guys, I hope they come useful to everyone.

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    4 more, and I fixed a positioning issue that was bothering me a lot in the closed shutters window. I think it used to seem deeper into the wall before from one angle.

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    Great objects dude, really


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