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    Alternative title: Why I haven't been building much during the past few months.


    I'm releasing my debut album in three parts (four-track EPs), the first of which is now available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and pretty much every other platform. Genre is difficult to pinpoint, but most are describing it along the lines of "prog rock with strong 80s vibes"



    Spotify link:



    If you like it, feel free to share it with everyone you know. If it's not your thing, feel free to share it with everyone you know.

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    Good stuff Terry! I definitely get the prog rock vibes from this. I didn't know you were a musician - you're really talented. The songs have very nice arrangements. Especially like some of the keyboard runs and accents throughout.

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    Nice. Good cover, too.


    Much missing stronger beats in this...?

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    Thank you both! You're some of the first people to have heard it whom I've never actually met, which is a crucial litmus test for any emerging artist, so I'm very glad the reception has been positive so far!


    As for the drum beats, I've kept them minimal (if not totally nonexistent) on purpose. In most instances, I found that they detracted more than they added when I gave them too much emphasis. That's probably just my preference though.

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    I listened to the YouTube EP. Good music but it feels stuck between the past and present with the electronic sounds and everything else sounding like they came from different places though I enjoyed it anyways. Good work.

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    Prog rock with 80s sounds? Can't wait to get home and listen to this. I missed this topic until now.
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    Though it isn't part of my debut album, I've released a new single set in Ancient Egypt. More experimental than anything.



    Spotify link:



    I'll leave it to you to figure out which genre "Cairo" falls under.

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    The main track from my debut EP, "The Ghost of Mr. Hyde", now comes with its own music video! Those of you who enjoy music videos (but have grown weary of corporate shills dominating the landscape) will likely appreciate it.



    For those of you who are interested in official merchandise, I am now peddling shirts, pens, stickers and more in my new online store.


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    Always appreciate your hustle! Solid video!

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    A few new singles have been released over the past few months, the most recent of which surfaced earlier this month. 



    Spotify link:



    Stay tuned for more in 2021!

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    Remember that bit about staying tuned for more in 2021? Well, here's the first instance of aforementioned "more"


    Also, if you're on Instagram, let's connect on there since I only log in here about once every month these days.


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    6 months ago? No, that's much too long.


    Here is the brand new single "Only Weather"

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    With the force of 1,000 meteors, "Termites" lands to close out the year!


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