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    Hi All, 

    This topic will be a repository for all the hacking tutorial videos I've been putting together.  It's also a place for you all to drop questions and requests so I can better collect and respond to them.


    Here's the list of videos:


    1. 2x2 Round Ride


    2. Ferris Wheel


    3. Huss Condor Ride


    4. Zierer Wave Swinger


    5. Rocking Horse Track Ride


    6. 2 Way Train Ride


    7. Arrow Launched Loop


    8. Zamperla Disk-O (diagonal)


    9. Log Flume with Double Station and Drop


    10. Single Queue for Multiple Stations


    11. Coming soon!

    Please let me know if you have questions about any of these, suggestions, or requests!  

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    For the Log Flume Hack (#9), we use Roomie's lowered log flume cars.  Download it here:

    Attached File  RRLFB1.dat (201.79KB)
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    ***Note that this is a specific use custom ride.  If you build the ride at 1/2 height above where the ride is meant to be and change the track to air powered vertical coaster, the boats will sit at exactly the correct height.


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