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    Survivor 2020 

    - Anonymous building. Can't say you are or will be building. Only the contest runner will know who did each area.
    - 72 hours to build. Time will start when you are sent the file.
    - Hacking is allowed.
    - No adding any objects or rides.
    - No posting screenshots. The exception is if you send a screen to the contest runner, they can post it on Discord for you.
    - No changing the shape of the 30x30 square area.
    - No using the blank objects within your area.
    - To get peeps to where they need to be for a peep-friendly map, you may place paths outside your area and fix any errors in other areas or place path under other areas.
    - You may place wall, half or quarter tile objects on the outside border of your area. 
    This is an NCSO map, but invisible path and support blockers are included and allowed. Custom jungle bushes are included.
    Not really doing a sign-up. I'll just post when the map becomes available. I'll see who can take it and pick a person to send it to. Contact me (PM on NE or DM on Discord) to notify me if a certain time is good for you. There will likely be two maps used.
    Feel free to get to know the map. Just remember, that unless I send it to you, you cannot officially build for the contest. 
    Attached File  Survivor2020u.sv6 (839.13KB)
    downloads: 5
    The winner gets... bragging rights! For example, I won this in 2016, so I am awesome, just a fact. 
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    I'm down
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    I enjoyed the last edition, looking forward to this very much.
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    Custom jungle bushes are included.


    Seems random lol.
    Looking forward to this!

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    This might be fun!

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    Seems random lol.
    Looking forward to this!


    Not so random. It's Kumba.

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    The default jungle bushes are not stackable and that makes them harder to work with. On MvT, I had to hack them all to create that rock wall. Not fun, really a waste of time. It's also a kinda flaw in default NCSO that almost everything has wooden supports, so that's why I included blockers. 


    I think it's a pretty good bench, tho I didn't check the stalls and it seems there's a lot on the map and some rides are not included. If anyone wants to swap a stall for a ride, just let me know. Already did one...


    Wonton stall out, flying saucers flat in

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    I have updated the workbench on post 1. Four rides were added in place of stalls.

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    Jeez Kumba, leave some food stalls over. How else can we get Fred in?

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    food stalls are underrated to build with

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    Food stalls are NCSO 101 and should be included. 

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    I can build starting the end of next week, just hit me up

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    Please contact me via DM on Discord if you'd like to build. One area is finished and yesterday a builder started on each map. 

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    One map is free now and the other will be free Saturday night (EST). PM or DM me if you want to build.

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    Still have a map free if anyone is ready to start. Also, here's a summary of how the voting will work once each map is done:


    Survivor voting is simple. Once each map is done and has 8 areas, a vote will be held to determined the weakest area. This process will repeat 7x (probably once a day) until one entry is left on each map. At that point, a final vote will be held to decide the winner of the contest. In that last vote, it's for the best entry, the one you want to win. 


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