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    wow sweet group park guys...downloading now

    EDIT: I never saw this collabo coming. It was fantastic. Great to see contributions from older members like sloB and cork, and this gold park shines. I would like to know who contributed to which areas, tho i might have some ideas already to which areas where designed by whom. My favorite was easily the Klondike Run mine was themed beautifully with a great layout and interactions. I also loved Charyys Revenge, what a sweet ride. It seemed to be LNM inspired but pack so much more punch than the BG counterpart. Throw in fantastic archy and awesome theming and you get one excellent park. Well done boys.

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    Kinetus Seaport is SO FUCKING INCREDIBLE! It's one of my favourite areas in RCT ever. Wow, so incredible. It has been my wallpaper for a while now, actually.

    Thunderhead Canyon and Lucifern Wilderness were great as well, although not even half as great as Kinetus Seaport.

    I wasn't a fan of the City Walk. The buildings were (mostly) nice and there are some good ideas, but it lacks atmosphere and cohesion.

    I dislike the entrance area. There was virtually nothing there except for brown.

    Quivera was cool. The coasters are awesome and there were some nice details to discover. The rapids were too bare IMO.

    Amazone Congo Trading Post (is it really called like that? Congo and Amazone are two totally different areas) could have been in Dimensions: Realism of Creation, which means I really like it, but somehow it was missing something I can't put my finger on. Maybe it lacks a major ride, maybe the theming was TOO chaotic here, maybe the area just had the wrong setting. I don't know. The area just doesn't work like it should... Still, there are some lovely details to discover.

    I don't know what to think of Kananga. It looks like an afterthought, squeezed into a corner like that... Excluding Lucifern Wilderness, there are three 'jungle/tribe' areas now, which is at least one too many. I think it would've been wise to merge Kananga and Amazone Congo Trading Post; like this neither of the two work.

    I didn't get Province Countryside; I do get why it was excluded from the writeup.

    - - -

    All in all, awesome park. I didn't like the entrance area and Province Countryside (honorary-mention quality), but everything was good (bronze-quality) to SO FUCKING INCREDIBLE (spotlight-quality). A well-deserved Gold.

    And know the inevitable question arises... Who did what? It was fun to puzzle for a while, but I couldn't figure out everything. Someone, please post a map. :)

    edit: Cool logo, btw.
    edit2: Lol @ Corkscrewed being at #27 in current rankings. :p
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    How'd this not even reach spotlight voting :(

    Who made the woodie/dueling flyers?
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    ^I know, I was about to bring that up in the predict 2010 spotlights thread. Either way this park was awesome, at first from the overview I was expecting it to be rather small and cluttered, and it was still pretty cluttered zoomed in, but It was very nice and full of things to look at. I'll definatly have to come back to this and continue to look through it, I imagine that I'll find something new everytime.
    Awesome job guys.
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    Psh, don't delete/place stuff right when you take a screenshot! :p

    The park is fantastic, honestly. Great time spent detailing - the supports on the duelers really stood out to me. Fantastic job all around!
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    The woodie was by Kumba and the duelers were by Disneylhand. I still open the park nearly everytime I play the game to witness the duelers. I just think they are fantastic.
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    I agree- the seaport area was incredible! (was it xcoaster?) I also really liked the amazon area, there was some great detailing on the stalls there. The duelers had an amazing layout too.

    It was refreshing to get a new classic style rct2 release!
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    I agree- the seaport area was incredible! (was it xcoaster?)

    It looks like a mix of Turtle and Xcoaster, with some Kumba and robbie92 here and there.
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    Congrats hehehhe!

    Nice theme park :mantis:
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    I'm sure if one person made this or if it was made 2-3 years ago, it would've gotten a spotlight.
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    This park while nice to look at on the surface is a huge guest disaster, the park rating drops to 0 by April, vandalism and vomit are everywhere, you would have thought an RCT2 newbie had planned out the park from the guest chaos going on it. While I do appreciate the time involved in making this park "pretty" and it being a group park <never an easy thing to do, but come on, this kind of guest failure it just pathetic. It really is a huge let down for this park. It is not that hard to put hidden paths inside of buildings taking care of the issues like guests wanting to leave the park and/or trying to get to a ride on the other side of the lake. I could see where someone tried to fix the issues in a few areas, so hats off to whoever that person was. But wow, what a mess.

    Congratulations on the Gold and going by pure looks for the place it definitely deserves it but it wouldn't even make honorable mention in my book for the bad planning all over the place.
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    Xcoaster, and 5Dave did the bulk of the work on the seaport whilst Robbie then built some really nice supporting stuff. Six Frags and I then added a few structures here and there. It's a masterpiece.
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    Who did what:

    Corkscrewed - Citywalk, Provence Countryside, Portovierto Village (Entrance)
    Kumba - Kananga, Côte D'noire, Quivera (rapids, 2 level maze and entrances), Citywalk and Kinetus Seaport.
    Ride6 - Quivera including the themeing on the duelers, Lucifern Wilderness.
    Metropole - Thunderhead Canyon and Provence Countryside.
    Turtle - Thunderhead Canyon.
    disneylhand - Citywalk, duelers layouts.
    Robbie - Kinetus Seaport, Mamba layout.
    Kevin - Bits of the Lucifern Wilderness.
    sloB - Up to half of the Portovierto Village.
    5Dave - Kinetus Seaport
    Xcoaster - Kinetus Seaport and Citywalk.
    Six Frags - Kinetus Seaport
    J K - Kinetus Seaport
    Chapelz - Citywalk
    zodiac - Citywalk
    Levis - Citywalk
    Camcorder22 - Citywalk

    Will post some comments and feedback soon.
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    This park while nice to look at on the surface is a huge guest disaster

    Don't blame them, it is the bad programming of the guests. I have built many parks and have been forced to build underground tunnels ect. to get rid of them, and some are so dumb, that they won't leave, even if placed in front of the exit. My newest park I am working on has many glitches and an odd layout, yet its park rating is always 999 (it is slightly less if I am constructing something). I haven't assigned staff everywhere either. Also, it doesn't matter if that park is bad for peeps, it was well planned (or it would've turned out horrible for a group park) and until great hacks and ideas were developed, alot of parks here weren't even peep compatable. Many parks here would end up like ivory towers if opened up to peeps, most people now-adays only care about the beauty of a park.
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    No Turtle involved in Kinetus Seaport? Seriously? I'm confused. :p Anyway, good job 5Dave+Xcoaster+others. Really good job. Fucking incredible job...
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    The AMC theatre is stunningly executed. Also enjoyed a lot of Cork's architecture. Kind of funny how much this reminded me of Aviara Cove in places, but I guess that's to be expected when those two builders are so prominently featured here. Also, another brown Kumba park. :p But really, I could see his fingerprints everywhere.
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    While the duelers were timed pretty well, I thought that they used too many "racing" style duels, or it at least should have alternated more between duels where the trains raced each other in a sustained proximity like on Lightning Racer (that's what I mean by "racing") and "impending impact" duels like all the ones on the Dueling Dragons or whatever they're called now. Like I really do like the embedded helix trackwork, but at that point of the ride maybe it would be better if the trains were going in opposing directions or if there were an impact duel after before the brakes. With all that in mind, this coaster did a good job at making all its duels such that one train could fully see the other one and the coasters were also strong individually.
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    It's been great to see this park finally finished. It was cool to join and try and complete it after so many years, but then interest mostly dropped off and it looked like it would continue to sit stagnant.

    I did the following:
    *Fossil watch shop
    *Basic layout, concept, and ride selection for Kinetus Seaport
    *Maybe half the Kinetus Aquatus layout (mostly parts near the waterfront).
    *Started a handful of buildings in the area. The windmill, the observatory (minus the telescope), and a few others (I think).
    *Built the colossus status (it was originally going to be a full statue, but I got bored, and it would've been way too big).
    *A drawbridge.
    *A few boats.
    *Secretly renamed Kinetus Seaport & Quivera

    In whole, not a ton. Basically I sort of started then abandoned the seaport area.
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    Absolutely loved the mine train, it was my favorite part.