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What is your year of birth?

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    To make this poll future proof, you don't actually vote for your age, but you vote for you year of birth. Note that this poll is public! Don't vote if you don't want people to know your age.


    To cut the poll length in half I combined years for a resolution of two years.

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    9,004 days

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    8571 days

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    Steve old

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    I can almost grow a beard
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    Now that I think about it - my beard is one year away from the legal beer drinking age here in Germany.

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    Where are all the non-90s kids!?

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    theyre out there not creating formative memories around a game released in the early 2000's

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    Thanks, now I feel old!
    litterally the oldest vote for now........

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    Thanks, now I feel old!
    litterally the oldest vote for now........



    Haha, you're older than Steve :D 

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    Can I change to "I'd rather not say"?
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    I'm old! I played the original RCT when it came out....and so far am the oldest here! (shudders)

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    Thanks Cruzy!
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    haha i think i'm the oldest 1964 :D

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    guess I'm a real average age over here. I suspect ten or twenty years ago, the average age would have leaned far more towards teenagers?

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    Well looks like all the 90’s kids have this to look forward to soon:

    Second Puberty
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    ive been 11 months into my second puberty as is
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    my 2nd puberty is going much better than the 1st time
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    I'm skipping it!

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    '96, I'm still on puberty version 1.5.00


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