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    The two theme parks featured in this download are separately eligible for an accolade! Score the individual parks here:
    Slow Swaffelhoeve by Faas
    De Bedriegertjes by Liampie
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    I think this is my favourite work from you Liam, at least on a similar level to Corsair Veridian.


    It may not be the most detailed thing you've ever made, and it may not be the prettiest thing you've ever made, but it is a masterclass in everything you try to teach to other people in playing this game. 


    While everyone fawns over the macro-level on Ancient Worlds, this to me is the pinnacle of macro. Every single large coaster looks like it's been carefully made with paths, view points and peeps in mind, whilst still looking realistic, immersive and pretty good in the flow department. Every building looks like it has a purpose. Every area has it's own identity, but they come together in a seamless way. 


    Here's a few of my favourite bits:


    Attached Image: Cannon.jpg


    I love how this coaster is the first thing you see when you enter the park, the way it's framed with the park entrance sign to the right of the plaza, then the loop and the spires to the left, beautiful. Also, the way it's kind of below path level here is just incredible, it gives it a sense of depth where it almost feels like parts of the coaster would be hidden beneath the trees, so the only parts you see are the loop/spires mentioned before.


    Attached Image: Kasbah.jpg


    Such a simple bridge but really shows how well you integrate queuelines into the ride area and the interaction between the two. Not just for the bridge, but the way that your view of the ride is basically blocked from the queueline, until you get to the bridge, and then all of the walls are open from there on so you always see it. I can imagine how anticipation would build being in this queueline.


    Attached Image: Dark Ride.jpg


    Not too much in terms of interaction here, but instead this shows how a building doesn't need to be super detailed to be interesting. All the details here are at the peep level and it still holds my attention as any larger building would. Everything above peep level is superficial and is just 'filler' in a sense, but still looks classy enough to pull it off.


    I'll leave it there with the pictures to not spoil too much, but I think my favourite ride is Prototype. It feels huge compared to the area around it, yet it flows so well, and again feels super realistic.  The motion simulator in this area is probably my favourite architecture on the map also, which definitely helps. 


    I do feel like the back area of the park, with the wooden coaster and the intamin family launch coaster, was a little bit weaker and definitely felt a little more rushed, but it's still solid overall.


    I think I'd probably rate this somewhere between 80% - 85%. I'd be on the line with spotlight, but would probably go Gold just because I do feel that back area takes it down a notch.

    EDIT - I posted this on Liam's park page specifically, but it posted on the overall project page. Faas, I'll review your park fully soon, but a quick summary is that I thought it was great and it makes me more excited for your Tivoli style park.

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    I agree with Trav on how this is excellent at the macro-level, even if it's not covered in details. I'll comment on the actual parks later but I just want to say that I also really dig the non-parks featured in this. Slobberveen centrum is definitely a highlight and it's a very serene, convincing urban landscape. The suburbs are beautiful but almost feel 'faithful' enough to be in the base game of RCT, Especially with the modern rowhouse objects that work seamlessly with the NCSO ones.


    Attached Image: train1.png


    It's cool how most of this is NCSO or scenery derived from the base game in some way... I always thought these office blocks were too small and looked kind of ugly but using them as a wall texture here is a great idea... this is a really nice train station:


    Attached Image: city1.png


    Also, I love the organization here; it's really nice seeing more modern grid plans of housing estates that get punctuated by rivers, with an older, more organic center.

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    Very nice!

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    I've had a look at all of the maps and firstly it's super cool how they've come together for the great overview shot. Especially with the river flowing through the middle, that looks like a difficult concept to make work of multiple maps so well done both.


    My favourite non-park map was centre parks, I enjoyed the fairly good replica of the main swimming pool area and thought the smaller buildings attached to the dome were a nice touch.


    I won't review Liampie's park rn, but I enjoyed it a good deal, with my favourite ride being Aeronaut.


    I think it's clear to see both parks follow a certain park-building style? A Dutch based design? It's pretty retro to see but a nice way of touching upon an older style of parkmaking.


    Faas - I found your park to be very charming. It feels like a park that was built 15 years ago. Unfortunately I couldn't really see the castle that I believe was the stand-out building as my game crashed everytime I tried to look at it. The small village-esque area next to the castle was well done, and I found my eye attracted to many details.


    Within the park my favourite section was definitely the area surrounding the water coaster and the blue (giga?) coaster. The area felt busy without feeling too compact. The coasters themselves were all good, with realistic layouts. I guess for a park like this there weren't any clever tricks with the layouts or modern techniques, but again I don't think that would have fit your goal. 


    I loved some of the little barns and huts placed around the park, very European, they worked really well again to make the park feel lived in. 


    I also greatly enjoyed your indoor water ride, at least the bits you did theme that could be seen without the cut-away view. 


    I'm sure there's more to add that I have forgotten but in summary I would say the park was pleasant, it feels like it could be family-run. Although I don't think it is quite as detailed as many other recently released parks there's definitely a charm to how this park was done. I think I would be giving your park a silver if it were released individually, and I think that's a fair assessment of what this park represents. 


    For the entire 9 maps, I think I need to reserve judgement without spending more time, my initial impressions are that the project is not quite a spotlight - I'm not sure whether this project has been the main RCT work of either of you two over the past few years? - however without spending more time I couldn't yet say exactly what I think it deserves.


    Great fun to look at though, and again, a super cool overview!

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    A whole bunch of thoughts so here we go!


    First, congrats to both on finishing a really cool and engaging project. I think NE has always produced a lot of its best work through collab, often forced inside H2H, so to see something more sprawling and collaborative outside is really nice. Overall, I wasn't amazed by the supporting maps but I love the impact. They provide a context and sense of place that really highlights and compliments the work put into the timeline parks themselves. There was definitely some interesting and unique things, but I won't lie that I found myself scanning through some. At points the maps were so much tree there wasn't a lot to look at, and they lacked the polish of the main parks (unnamed rides or signs). But I say that fully understanding that it's the nature and in some ways part of the intent of this kind of project. 


    Slot Swaffelhoeve - The sense of good parkmaking and a very classic style really carries this. A lot of the areas managed to feel really atmospheric without being overly detailed. I like seeing the original versus modern build out, thought the lack of a middle timeline makes it feel a bit abrupt. The dueling woodies were my favorite part of the park. Also, for an older bench, the forms help provide a lot of interest where some of the textures and pieces could otherwise feel a bit blocky. Overall, I'd put this in the Silver range. Fun, engaging, good parkmaking, but not offering that wow factor I'd expect with a gold.


    De Bedriegertjes - Having the 4 different timelines really helped with this park because you had more timepoints to check in and see where things had changed or evolved. That and the large size provided a bit more of an immersive experience for the viewer. I've often felt that using simple pieces in unique and creative ways is a defining Liam skill, and it's very on display here. The line between this bench and more modern benches is blurred a bit better too, primarily standing out to me because I remember having to use certain techniques back in the day, heh. Just like Faas' park, the atmosphere and sense of good classic parkmaking are what make it, but in some ways that combined with the bench hold it back from really amazing me. 


    Overall, a big congrats to the quality and particularly the macro parkmaking on display with these parks. I'm torn on the old-school bench. I love the sense of nostalgia and see myself adoring these parks maybe 5-7 years ago. At the same time, they just are missing that wow factor I look for in the best modern releases. 

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    I've been waiting for the release of these two parks for a long time now and I must say it tidn't disappoint at all. I knew there was a Center Parks being built as well but to see a nine map release went beyond my expectations. So congratulations for spoiling us so much!


    The non parks were a great example of macro parkmaking, relying on old school objects and large scenery to create the atmosphere and feel of a real location. A location you truely nailed. It really looks like a typical Dutch town with the recognisable architecture and town planning you see in the Netherlands. Also big fan of the new houses using the textures from the built in ones.


    Slot Swaffelhoeve is still the weirdest name for a theme park ever but a great Faas park. Love the different themes although the Roman theme does take up a hell of a lot of space. Your creativity really is in a place of its own. The prehistoric area is such a nice place to be. The dark rides especially are favorites of mine. For such a big map, some areas feel a little...cramped? Or at least have a lot of textures and things going on, like the pirate area. It's a real shame you also didn't include some intermediate maps to show the progression through the years of the park.


    De Bedriegertjes feels the most like an old school RCT-Guide park though IMO, and captures that era of park making the best. The entrance area in it's beginning years looks like comes straight out of a Paul park. I admire you for also choosing a not very conventional park shape, making you work with the restrictions and boundaries you set out for yourself. Here as well the creative themes are an absolute highlight. The ballon themed flyer is an absolute favorite of mine. Things I liked less are the new area across the road. While it might be realistic, I don't really like the connection between the different park parts and think it's too jarring. Also not a fan of the reversing train.


    All in all a very nice release from the both of you. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the maps and let's hope we see a new Concurrenten park in the future...

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    Alright, onto the parks themselves:

    Swaffelhoeve: This is definitely a pretty and well-planned park for the most part. I enjoyed the layouts, specifically Royal Battle and Baron 98 have excellent interactions with the paths. There were also lots of cool little scenes, like the playgrounds, or the campground (although the signs could've been named). Also, much of the park, admittedly does feel kind of filler with the foliage, but that was probably intentional for the style.




    Attached Image: waffel1.png


    The architecture while a bit simplistic at times, is definitely beautiful... I like how the building bridges over the path. This section as a whole is a strong point. I also love the slide with the mountaintop and waterfall.

    Attached Image: waffel2.png


    The prehistoric section is also a strong part, and maybe my favorite part of the park... I think this entrance is worth pointing out because of how seamless the base blocks blend with the volcano objects. This section has some really nice landscaping and I enjoy the blending of browns and greens.



    De Bedriegertjes: I thought the timeline aspect of this was interesting, seeing how much it has grown... really a nice park as well. I enjoyed all of the layouts; the Intamin was great, especially with the loops over the path, but I wish you didn't use giga coaster cars for it. Magic Carpet was also a pleasant ride; more parks should have gentler suspended coasters. As for the supportwork, it's very well done, really enhances most of the rides, especially the flume.


    Attached Image: debedr2.png


    I normally don't like it when people use deco blocks as rockwork, as is common in older parks, but this could be the best execution of them, and it's cool how they blend into ruins and windows. And as a compact river rapids ride, Kasbah is really good. I especially like how the ride interacts with the queue area.


    Attached Image: debedr1.png


    I know you've posted a screen of this area already but this may be the best area in the project, and it's definitely my favorite. It was a good idea to have the supports change color, and the cloud-shaped buildings are also really unique. The landscaping is great, and I also enjoy the coaster's interaction with the paths during the diagonal sections. With that said, I brought this screen up because the color gradient on that balloon was really creative, definitely a neat detail.


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