The Grand Tour 2020 / The Grand Tour '20 - Round 5

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    He who travels has stories to tell! 


    Round 5 - Nepal




    Namaste! Nepal rises from the Indian subcontinent as a ladder into the Himalayas. With its feet in the Ganges River Basin, and its head in the clouds, Nepal offers a diverse landscape in which you may encounter leopards, rhinos, or pangolins. The human population of Nepal is a very complex mosaic of ethnic groups, most of them following Hinduism. Combining the natural, the cultural and spiritual, Nepal is a dream for backpackers!



    Resources: Wikipedia (Culture of Nepal) - Instagram - Maps - Google - Reddit




    In addition to the general contest rules, three objectives have been set for this round. The entries will be judged through a public poll, determining the degree to and manner in which you completed the objectives, as well as the overall quality of the submission.

    1. Your park must be set in or themed to Nepal

    2. Include at least one water ride

    3. Must include or refer to spirituality





    Submit your park through a PM with Liampie, posix and CoasterCreator9 as the recipients. If your park is a duo, include information about the creator shares. If you want your park to be eligible for an accolade, also state your submission type preference.


    Submissions are due on Sunday November 15th, no later than 11:59 AM GMT. Note that the deadline is no longer at midnight, but at noon, twelve hours earlier than in previous rounds. By doing this, we hope we can release all entries on the same day.





    The people on the list below have expressed interest in building an entry for this round. You don't have to sign-up to be able to submit, and being on the list doesn't make it legally binding! It's entirely voluntary. If you're looking to partner up with someone, you can also use this list to see who else is looking for a partner.


    # Player
    Looking for partner?
    1 Coastercreator9  
    2 RobDedede yes
    3 kenos no
    4 Liampie yes
  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo

    Might jump in on this one with break coming up. Hard maybe from me.

  • RobDedede%s's Photo

    I'm looking for a partner.

  • kenos%s's Photo

    i try it solo as my fist cso project great theming ;)

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    I'm also interested in joining. Got a few nice ideas, so maybe someone in a similar situation wants to brainstorm with me?


    Looking for a partner. I want to aim for qualification.

  • Ge-Ride%s's Photo

    This is completely irrelevant but rearrange the letters in Nepal and it spells "Plane" and "Penal" so you can include an airplane and a prison. If you're looking to fulfill objective three then scratch that and create a 'higher plane'.

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    You and Kai should team up, Ge. I have a gut feeling the two of you could cook up something very special.

  • MK98%s's Photo

    Nepal sounds somewhat like the French word for nipple

  • KaiBueno%s's Photo

    "Nay, Paul."

    Oh, and I am waffling but a slow builder.  Ideas vs. time.


    That said, if someone really would want to build with me, I'd talk.  Discord likely easiest or PM here...solo likely not finish on time...even as small as it could be.

  • Ge-Ride%s's Photo

    Just as well. I can focus on my design idea without distraction.

  • KaiBueno%s's Photo

    I dunno if my comment was misread/unclear.  One part bad joke, one part warning I'm slow, one part I've always enjoyed group parks and haven't done one since I've been back.  Anyone interested contact me if you want.

  • kenos%s's Photo

    so i am ready hope you like it first cso project i finished

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    Thanks to all who submitted! We hope to post the parks later today, but no promises.


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