The Grand Tour 2020 / The Grand Tour '20 - Grand Final

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    He who travels has stories to tell! 


    Grand Final - The North Pole




    For our final stop, we'll head for the North Pole. Santa isn't there. And actually, there's no land either. Unless you're a marine zoologist, oil executive or an actual iceberg, it's much more interesting to look at the surrounding lands. Therefore, you are allowed to roam freely inside the Arctic Circle and visit any country of your choosing. Do: bring warm clothes. Don't: hunt baby seals. Do: become the first Grand Tour champion!


    Wiki resources: North PoleArctic Circle - Arctic exploration - Taiga - Tundra




    In addition to the general contest rules, three objectives have been set for this round. The entries will be judged through a public poll, determining the degree to and manner in which you completed the objectives, as well as the overall quality of the submission.

    1. Your park must be set in or themed to at least one of the following countries or territories:










    2. Your park must include an adventure ride

    3. Your park must reference travelling




    Submit your park through a PM with Liampie, posix and CoasterCreator9 as the recipients. If your park is a duo, include information about the creator shares. If you want your park to be eligible for an accolade, also state your submission type preference.


    Submissions are due on Sunday January 17th, no later than 11:59 AM GMT. Note that the deadline is no longer at midnight, but at noon, twelve hours earlier than it was during the first four rounds.





    1) The people on the list below have qualified, either through (1) winning a previous round or by (2) receiving a wildcard.

    2) Those would qualified as a duo, must build as a duo. Only if one of the two builders is unavailable to build at all, the remaining player can choose any non-qualified player for a partner. This must be reported

    3) WhosLeon gets to choose whether he builds with AvanineCommuter or Tolsimir, the remaning player will get to choose a partner.

    4) As the only solo regular round winner, FK+Coastermind can also choose a partner.

    5) The wildcard recipients Coaster-GEOFF and mamarillas cannot choose a partner, except if they choose to form a duo with each other.


    Qualified Winners
    Round 1 6crazy6king6 + hydroportal
    Round 2 In:Cities + CoasterCreator9
    Round 3 AvanineCommuter + WhosLeon
    Round 4 WhosLeon + Tolsimir
    Round 5 FK + Coastermind
    Round 6 inthemanual + Xtreme97
    Wildcard Coaster-GEOFF
    Wildcard mamarillas
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    looking for a partner 

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    looking for a partner 

    FK+Coastermind is your only option. 
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    looking for a partner
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    Me was boring i try to build something outside of the contest rules of the game Good luck everyone

    we expect great things
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    I wish all participants the best of luck and let the best team win. I hope you guys are ready for the fight because team hydrokert are armed to the teeth.


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