Head-2-Head 9 / H2H9 - Bingo

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    Hydro recreate a random city in the U.S.A on 1:1 scale

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    ll wins against ncso
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    Gimme the 16
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    Lowballing it with 12.
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    I'll take 13.

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    19 and I'll say that Jappy will have contributed on a park where there is a train present, but Jappy actually didn't buid the train.

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    park without a single coaster

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    24 + a park themed to covid19
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    One Match in, seems like only one thing can be scratched off the list. There's an argument to be made whether or not there's a bedroom incident between Acqua Alta and Drowned, but I'm not fully convinced.


    Let me def know if I missed anything, knowing me, that's very possible! :)

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    custom rides maybe?

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    I think that if Drowned + Acqua Alta isn't a bedroom incident, we may as well scratch it from the bingo.

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    Absolutely agree. It’s quite clearly a bedroom incident in my opinion. Drowned major city where the people are trying to find means to regain the habitational space that was lost.

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    Yes! Also it being a European city with a central bell tower, and a general sci fi twist (futuristic and steampunk) adds to the coincidence. Many more cities could've been chosen without such a tower.

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    Alright, i'll check it off in that case

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    realistic parkmaker doing fantasy? young hydrooo

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    Modified the post again!

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    I think you can tick off 5 custom trains too, depending on what you count.

    Acqua Alta:
    -waterfall/dam vehicle
    -smoke vehicle
    -Venice gondolas

    Lost world:
    -t rex

    -tomato trailer


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