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    Hello nedesigns i saw and looked for other parks i liked long ago and there was this German site RCT World that had lots of rct2 parks



    and just found that it has been down General Error for i don't know how long! I been looking for a park that i liked seeing and miss so much! Has anybody been to RCT World or know what happened to RCT World?

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    The golden days of RCT are in the past. There were dozens of websites, and most of them were abandoned and eventually discontinued. I don't think RCT-World has been up in a long, long time. I also think most parks were not very good, and the best ones made it to NE perhaps. Do you remember what parks you liked? They may be retrievable!

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    I actually used to be a mod on RCT-W for a while back in the days.

    The admin closed down the site about 6 or 7 years ago (or even earlier) and apparently has also stopped hosting it.

    As far as I can remember, Fisch and RWE also used to be mods there at some point?


    EDIT: As always, the Internet Archive knows more.

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    Liampe - I understand now days are different and changed! Also in RCT World there were a lot of parks that weren't good but only like some that were realistic! I remember a few!


    One was Gentle Hills Amusement Park (there were two versions 1925 & 1938 clsssic amusement park!)


    Bumbly Beach Paradise Pier (other versions I liked)


    Some good recreations of six flags over texas magic mountain great adventure & kentucky kingdom


    those were the parks i always liked!


    And one custom seaside park named Sea Life Amusement Park 2000 2001 2002 2003 & 2004!


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