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    Hello! I am looking for help for some objects.

    I am searching for a long time for german level crossings objects. I did finally found the objects from the famous objectcreator DasMatze on a website called RCT-World but i cannot download it. Is there somebody who does have the .DAT's?


    I know that the .DATS's are in a zip file called Schranken.
    I also tried to use the website WayBackMachine to find older pages but i didn't found a download that works.


    This is the page where you can see the download: Schranken
    I also added the image of the objects.

    I vaguely remember that the names of the .DAT's are something like MDSCHR1, MDSCHR2, MDSCHR3 and MDSCHR4.

    There is no known way for me to contact DasMatze. I really want those objects but it is impossible for me to download them.

    Thank you!

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    hope these are them

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    I have spend more than 13 years to find these objects all over the internet in every little corner and tried everything, downloaded all kinds of parks but you did find it within hours? I should have asked it here a long time ago! Thank you very much! Thank you!

    Edit: Can these objects be uploaded to the RCT2 Objects? Then we have atleast a backup. I am already making alot of back-ups of the objects.
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    At least I now know who created them, I found them in my unknown creator folder.

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    Nice find.


    @Kevin we only include objects that are used in parks released on NE into the object database. Otherwise the explosion of objects would've been way too bad. So make a park with them and send it in, and they'll be added ;)

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    @posix Thanks for the information. That is understandable.


    I only discovered while building the objects that some of them are incorrectly aligned. I will try to fix the objects first before going further. Can i make a sort of workbench with the objects in it?
    I also have a complete set of Autobahn objects where there is only 1 object from the set in the database here. Must i make a separate workbench for it? Sorry for the questions. I am quite new here.

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    Be very careful with editing objects, if you edit an existing object, make sure you save it under a new name that's not in use by any other object.

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    Why is that actually? I have heard some time ago that some data will not be compatible anymore. Is that true?

    I only will align then to the correct position and do not change anything else.
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    When loading a park, RCT queries all the objects used the the park. This is done by their file name, or the digits before the ".dat" suffix.

    When two objects have the same file names the game can confuse the two and put the wrong object into the park.
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    After a few days i have made a larger set of the objects. I wanted to do this for a very long time.
    I have give all objects a R or L so that you can see what is a Right or Left oriented object.
    All these objects are now included with a Group called DasMatze's Schranken Set.
    All the names are modified so that these objects do not clash with the original objects.
    Now you have the following objects:
    Closed barriers with Blinklicht
    Closed barriers - (Just closed barriers without crossbuck, ideal for parkinglots)
    Blinklichts - (Crossbuck with blinklicht off)
    Blinklichts activated - (Crossbuck with animated blinklicht)
    Open barriers with Blinklicht
    Open barriers - (Just open barriers without crossbuck, ideal for parkinglots)
    I have given all the objects the letters DM to find them quickly in the Object Selection screen. All the objects are now in English instead of german.
    All the objects are now having a clearance of 0 so that you can place it anywhere.
    First place one of the objects on a surface without a path so that the objects will not glitch, then a path over it. You can ofcourse do whatever you want with it.

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    Can you confirm that you did not edit the original objects included in this last zip? Some of them share the same file names as the original objects.

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    Yes i have edited them but they are now way better than the original ones. You can safely overwrite them.
    How can i do that otherwise? Must i add the original unedited version and add the exact same object but correctly displayed with a other name?

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    I'm sure you improved them, and I think these objects can certainly be useful! I deleted your attachments before anyone downloaded them, though. Please save the updated objects with new filenames. You really need to be careful with this. You say overwriting them is safe, but keep in mind it can also work the other way around. Two different versions of the same object with the same filename is just not a good idea at all. :)

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    I have modified all of the names so that they don't clash with the original objects. I also changed the workbench.

    I have reuploaded them to my post. They are now safe to use. I'm sorry for this mess.

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    Fantastic, thank you! Sorry I had to be annoying there. :p

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    No, not at all! I am glad that you helped me.
    Thanks for your help.
    The objects are now downloadable.
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    hooo cool objects, I will use it in my new park

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    *puts on police hat again*


    Tolsimir brought it to my attention that you didn't actually save the objects under a new name, and just renamed the files in windows explorer. This will not do sadly, so I deleted the attachments again. Sadly the files have been downloaded already. If you're reading this and you downloaded the files, please remove them from your computer.

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    I thought that that would work. What a mess i am making of this. So stupid.
    Sadly i do not have computer access for some days so i can't fix this right now.
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    I have redone all the objects from the ground up and have now hopefully the correct names.
    @Liampie: That was a stupid idea from my side to simply rename the files. I will be way more careful next time.


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