Ask the Experts / are there RCT2 people one can hire?

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    love the game but I'm so far away from understanding how to do the custom stuff,or even get the custom stuff in my park.  -need a hired mercenary - will negotiate a price. I MUST figure out how to play this game damnit :)

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    I suspect people will help you for free if you ask. But your questions are very vague. What is custom stuff? What does it mean to 'do' the custom stuff? Are you talking about custom scenery objects, or about actually constructing things in the game?


    Why don't you try downloading a view parks from the database and enjoying them. You will see that everything-- buildings, ride supports, infrastructure, etc-- are made by combining lots of smaller building blocks, like lego or minecraft. Usually the smaller blocks are sort of generic in some way. You will be able to see that explicitly by looking around at some parks here. You don't need to make any custom objects yourself, as our community has been making these objects for years and years already.


    If you want to build a park, try downloading one of the workbenches from the right side of the 'rct2 objects' page and building there. All the objects you could ever want are included on the bench!


    You might find it is very difficult to build at the level of quality that some people here do... such is life though! There's no shortcut to practice.

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    to clarify, I downloaded the Object Editor to make my own objects. A couple years ago I somehow put in pictures in it ( the object maker ) and could then place them in my park. I'll attach a pic. The second problem I'm having is that I downloaded some custom objects from Nedesigns and I see them in my objects list but they are not available in my park. thanks for responding and thanks for any help you can offer :)

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    ok Liampie helped with the object editor part :)


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