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    Go nuts - 300 H2H parks up to H2H8.


    Feel free to post your personal lists here!

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    Jesus, how to even begin? :


    What is 'X'?

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    X tier is parks you consider exceptional above most, if not all, others; I only placed a single park there. It should have been at the top, not sure why it did that.


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    This is based almost 100% on gut feeling, not revisiting any. I think it's fairly accurate but some could be raised or lowered a tier, and when I have time I'd like to gain some opinions on the parks I don't have a strong opinion on.


    My line of thinking based largely on a quick judgment was that B tier parks ended up being generally average, good quality H2H parks. A tier parks had a bit of an edge over the run of the mill H2H park. S tier are among my favorites, with X being my favorite H2H park so far. C ended up being parks that are pretty good but might not have aged well. Same for D, but D also includes a few unfinished parks I feel are rather strong. F is largely just unfinished parks; they might be more competitive in a finished state (Snowdrift would become A tier, for example - Strong Narrative might make S).


    I need to go through and look at a lot of these parks again to make a definitive tier list for me, but for gut feelings I think this came out pretty well.

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    I ranked my own parks at least.



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    I think it would be more feasible if there was a tier list per H2H edition.




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