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    After a few weeks of scouring the internet and the Internet Archive for every web page who's existence I could discover, I've found a bunch of lost complete scenery sets that haven't existed as their own (or any) download in a decade.

    First, the complete Hollywood Letters, and numbers, and question mark and exclamation point!




    Attached File (40.94KB)
    downloads: 50


    Second, the complete 3d letters set. (These)



    Attached File (44.6KB)
    downloads: 31



    Third, going back quite far, 0rang3sharpi3's complete steel lattice support pack.



    Attached File (45.37KB)
    downloads: 28


    Finally, another 3d letter set with a somewhat weird design that I stumbled across.


    Attached File  bazaalphabetletters (69.68KB)
    downloads: 31


    Here's what it seems everybody wants, but nobody can find. Enjoy!


    (Please add to the object database/library.)


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    Wow, appreciate the effort, was looking through my own objects recently and noticed I only had about 10 of the letter objects.

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    You found the complete Hollywood set, great! I was definitely missing like half of them! Great finds dude. Please share if you got more. I'll think about how to get these into the database.

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    Thanks. A lot of what I've found is either low quality or already in the database. (Fisherman's awnings, for example.)


    This link covers a lot of stuff, including the complete LOTR and Hairy Potter stuff and parks. All of the download links work by the way, it seems somebody went out of their way when they heard the site was going to close to put every single download and download page on the Internet Archive. (Thanks, Somebody, you've saved a ton of stuff for posterity.)




    For other stuff I've found on other more obscure sites, the higher quality stuff includes the complete Railroad Pack (including several things not in the UCES),


    Attached File  UCES-RRTRPACK - Copy.ZIP (352.4KB)
    downloads: 23


    A bunch of dark ride stuff, which may or may not be in the link I gave:


    Attached File  DarkRide (97.22KB)
    downloads: 26


    This site has various useful things, including glass walls, waterfalls and water features, and some various Superhero stuff NOT including what I've been looking for. A few of the download links don't work, and much of it is (I "think") already in the database here.





    The complete RS support group, which may or may not already be in the database:


    Attached File  RSSupport (18.57KB)
    downloads: 17


    You're welcome.


    PS: Should I make a park containing this stuff, and upload that?

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    Thanks for this!

    I'm looking for the animal scenery set.  Ever seen the complete set of this?



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