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    Back in 2012, I purchased RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack from Amazon and downloaded it to my PC. At the time I was running Windows 10 32-bit. Now I have a new system with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.  I saved all my data (dats, saved games and everything else to an external thumb drive before my friend fixed it up for me. I put all the files from thumb drive to new hard drive. When I click on it, it says insert CD which I don't have, since I downloaded it from Amazon in 2012 as I previously stated.

    I had a RCT2 TTP disc from 2005 to 2009, but the disc went bad, so I went a while with out playing the game again until purchasing online and downloading it. If I have to re-download the game thats fine. But before I do, I just want to know if the game will run on 64-bit system or is the game too old to handle that. Thank you for your help

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    Use OpenRCT2 which is a short google away.


    If you need there are likely also setup guides for it you can find on YouTube.

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    Although I have never used OpenRCT2, I have certainly heard of it. I have all my landscapes, dates, saved games, scenarios, etc. saved on my thumb drive
    Can they be “converted” to OpenRCT2? I’m not very computer literate when it comes to this stuff so any information is helpful and much appreciated. Thank you
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    Yes, OpenRCT2 is fully backwards compatible with all your files.


    It make the game infinitely better to play, definitely try it out!  You don't even need a working regular RCT2 install, just the files.

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    Well, I have OpenRCT2 on my PC. 

    Previously, when I downloaded a new dat file, I would go to my downloads tab and copy and paste it in ObjData folder. When I started the game, it would say something like Checking for new files. Once it was done, I would find it in the list in Object Selection when I opened Scenario Editor. Is there a folder  So in the future, when I downloaded a new dat file, what subfolder am I putting it in in OpenRCT2. Before it was Local Disk:C>Program Files>Atari>RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack>ObjData

    When I installed OpenRCT2, I'm not seeing a subfolder for ObjData. Also, when I try to open one of my saved landscapes from thumb drive a list window shows up showing the missing dats. So something seems off. I'm sure its fixable 

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    You need to look in your OpenRCT2 folder, and ignore the original RCT's install folder. I think by default, OpenRCT resides in 'Documents' for some reason I don't understand. It's there, anyway. You'll find a folder called 'object', which is the new 'ObjData'.

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