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    Is there someone can help me?! 


    It seems as though when I'm making changes to one of my parks in Scenario Editor and saving those changes, when I go to the main menu and select the park I made said changes to, nothing is different. I would really like to go back to Triple Thrill Pack, which is what I had before I had my system upgraded from 32-bit to 64-bit. Not that these issues are actually related to that. Now it says I need a disc for Triple Thrill Pack

     I downloaded RCT2 TTP in 2012 from Amazon. Therefore I didn't need a disc like I did before my game crashed in 2009 when the disc stopped working. 

    Something with Scenario Editor just seems screwy to me. Any changes I make and save still don't seem to be taking effect when I save the landscape I'm working on as scenario.


    As a test I unchecked all of the shops/stalls (I wrote them down as I unchecked them so I knew which ones it was) in one of my parks. When I got to the inventions set-up window, none of the shops/stalls appeared in the top pre-invent box as I expected, just the rides ad whatever scenery showed. I continued on to save it. When I clicked on the park back in the main menu, I clicked on the rides/attractions icon up top. All of the shops/stalls still showed  as if I had done nothing. I just don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong here


    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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    Apologies for posting this in Custom Scenery Exchange

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    You don't even need to use the scenario editor.  You can enable the scenery selector to use in the normal build mode and chose your attractions that way.


    I believe there is an option in settings, called "enable cheats" or something like that.


    A new icon will appear in the top left of your screen where you can open the scenery selector.  You can also enable the landscape editor via this cheats menu, and use it in the normal build mode too.  It's accessed via the map tool like normal.


    I don't know of anyone who has had this issue, or still uses the scenario editor in Open.  Seeing as all those features can be accessed in the normal build mode by enabling them in settings.

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    is 2014 a birth year

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    @In:Cities-No. it is the year I started using New Element
    Not sure why you ask that but whatever
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    @G-Force. I will give that a try
    Thank you for your assistance
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    Your topic title suggests your birth year is 2014

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    Note that OpenRCT uses a different folder for the savegames than the default RCT folders. So if you've been saving your landscape files and other savegames in the original RCT folder, they may not be updated in the OpenRCT folder which is where the game is reading the files from.

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    is 2014 a birth year


    at least one person was born in 2014, yes. 

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    Again, 2014 was the year I joined New Element after went kaput. I love the website and all of the creativity people have displayed over the years
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    2014 was a immature year


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