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    Between falling down the rabbit hole on Parkitect and the RCT NoClip documentary I've been feeling real friggin' nostalgic about good ol' NE, so I wanted to check back in.  Apparently it's been, like, over a decade since I was here regularly?


    So, yeah, hi!  I strongly suspect I wasn't notable enough to be remembered (I never actually finished a park), but I see a bunch of familiar faces posting so maybe someone does.

    Life events that may be interesting to folks:  I'm now a graphics programmer making video games professionally (@ Velan Studios -- worked on Mario Kart Live + Knockout City.)

    Also, I'm a girl now?  Weird.  (I can't have been the only egg bouncing around here in the 00's, right? Right?)

    I dunno if I'm back-to-making-parks back -- I feel a bit out of my depth with the pure magic being pulled off in OpenRCT2 these days, and work keeps me quite busy -- but I'll probably be hanging around a bit more, might show some of my Parkitect stuff when it gets further along.

    Thanks for indulging my nostalgia!


    - Ashley

    (Wow, speaking of nostalgia, a real live webforum in 2021!  This rules.)

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    Hey! I remember you. Never building, but always around. Good to see you. And congratulations on your transformation, you're not the only one to have taken that step!


    I wouldn't be too intimidated by the RCT you're seeing at the moment, there are still many ways to play the game. Of the last five spotlights, one was LL, and one didn't use custom scenery and is perhaps the closest thing to Rivers of Babylon we've had since Rivers of Babylon. A third didn't use custom scenery either, but I'll concede that it used OpenRCT-enabled innovative techniques - including multiplayer I believe.


    If you feel like contributing again, I totally encourage you to just build in the way you can build. And perhaps you can even lend a hand in the OpenRCT project?





    Lastly, with you on the love for old school forums. Our discord server has stolen activity from the site and it's where most casual conversation takes place now, the site being mostly reserved for reviews.

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    Welcome back. I remember you from Nitrous Oxide's ill fated Parkwars Contest. My park got rejected, for a multitude of reasons probably because it was too large and it was a fantasy park pretty much, and I thought it was lost for years but it turns out that 5dave had it so I had it brought back and put on my NE parks page.

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    Oh wow hi ACEFanatic!! Very cool to see you find your way back here.


    Consider the discord

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    Welcome back! Glad to see you.

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    Wasn't around during your heyday, but it's nice to see you stop back here and see what's going on. Awesome to hear about your new position, and congrats on coming out! Between the strides made with Head 2 Head 9 and the new save format practically transforming ORCT2, it's a completely different game from RCT2 in 2010.


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