Ask the Experts / The RCT2 parks im looking for from tpr game exchange!

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    Hello! Just here to show you all the pictures aerial shots of the old rct2 parks I'm looking for Glenwood Park by rocketman1219, Pelican Bay by cyrbuzz, and Euro World by themeparksbuzz in case if anybody has or knows anything or not!


    Thanks and sorry!

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    Unfortunately I don't have these parks anymore - but I recall Glenwood Park and Pelican Bay quite well. The workbench that Glenwood was built upon I used all the time for my own sandbox stuff back in the early 2000s. If anything, I'd search on and see if you can find them there if the links still work.

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    Well okay thanks for reply and all as I been dealing with life and all!


    I looked on didn't find hardly much expect the first page site!


    But if you know anyone or else of these three parks im looking for I'll be grateful thanks for anything!


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