General Chat / What are you Eating right now?

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    Pumpkin Pie! :)
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    Turkey mince burritos...mmm
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    Another edition of... 'whateveryoucanfindinthefridge'! This episode, FRIED RICE!

    Some leftover broccoli
    3 small mushrooms
    2 eggs
    Leftover rice from Kabob-n-Curry (AGAIN)
    cooking oil
    soy sauce

    1. Put MSG in eggs, scramble in fry pan until ALMOST done.
    2. Take eggs out and fry the broccoli and then the mushrooms.
    3. Add rice and eggs to the veggies, fry until it's good.
    4. Add soysauce and eat.

    This one is pretty strange, never had mushrooms and broccoli in fried rice before, but it went down easy thanks to the msg. :evil:
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    Ahhhhh, MSG. Good stuff. Triggered a cluster just reading that.
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    This my recipe for college-budget Japanese noodle soup.

    1. Read directions on ramen package.
    2. Follow previously-mentioned directions
    3. Eat, and reminisce about the times when you had good home-cooked food free every night.
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    Where's your god now? 8)
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    A piece of bread with choclate sprinkels.
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    ^^ I used to love Milka chocolate, and was really excited when I found the Milka shop at Europa, only to be disappointed after buying a lot of it, that I don't like it as much any more lol
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    Chocolate Covered Cream Puffs

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    Honey Nut Cheerios and, of course, a Dunkin' coffee!

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    x-burguer (double hamburguer) + soda (i love) hehe

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    I'm also eating coffee, while drinking a sandwich.

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    i cant help but pronounce burguer like the steve martin inspector clouseau


    always sunflower seeds tho

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    Tamales w/ Rice&beans

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    key lime kitkat.  I think these are pretty solid, would eat again


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