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    Make sure to get rid of the park border.

  • bigshootergill%s's Photo

    Fantastic screen. You're putting together some killer work!!! The Destruction Derby sign doesn't really fit the atmosphere though. Perhaps changing the name of the ride/building may help.

  • Steve%s's Photo
    This looks really good but at the same time it also is really hard to look at, and I can't exactly figure out why. Might be the textures, might just be that there's so much to look at that my eye doesn't know where to be drawn to. Technicality of everything is there I suppose but I think this is just missing the harmony for me.
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    A central structure is needed, but not all structures are central. Try to minimize the surrounding structures and only leave one or two central structure remains.
  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo

    I'm not really sure what to look at here. Everything by itself looks really nice, but together it all feels a little muddled.

  • Coasterbill%s's Photo

    Awesome! I don't love the concrete slab path but everything else is great.

  • RuyataxRCT%s's Photo

    @Stocksy, of course i will, im not sure how tough. i cant get any trainer running here


    Thank you guys!

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    You can use the tile inspector to remove the fence tile by tile...  Wouldn't have to do it for the whole map obviously, but maybe portions like this where the fence is incredibly awkward.


    That's one thing missing from Open, the ability to just own all land.  I get that sandbox does the same thing, but it doesn't get rid of the fences.

  • RuyataxRCT%s's Photo

    @G Force, oh that will help thanks! 

    Yeah thats really missing.

  • imlegos%s's Photo

    You can manually just own all land using sandbox tools though.

    Just open the map window with Sandbox mode enabled and the tools from the Scenario Editor will become available.

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    Very cool stuff! I like the layout of the area a lot and you've got lots of great details on your architecture. My suggestion of improvement would be to try and really make it cleaner to view. It has to be easy to distinguish between the different sides of the facades. The roofs could be used better to create breathing space for the viewer by turning them black and therefore adding a bit of seperation between all the other textures that are going on. The grey on the current flat roofs gets lost unless you focus on it. Perhaps there's just too much going on on those roofs in general.

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