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    The first thing you can do is start to use some object saving objects, such as the "six frags pole" or the 4 unit high "toon support".  Using the 2 unit or 4 unit high walls instead of the 1 unit high versions.  Try to use some full tile roofs as well, rather than 4 quarter tile objects, or even simplifying some fences and reducing the object usage that way.  Foliage is also another killer, perhaps reducing the amount of small grass pieces and replacing heavy foliage areas with small areas of open grass.


    I feel like you've also used a lot of quarter tile land blocks in this park, perhaps go back and delete the ones that aren't visible (in case you stacked them), or maybe replace them outright with just normal land.


    The park does look fantastic though, really like the style you have going.  Though I'm not a fan of the fountain, just kind of looks like a mud hill with water spraying out, maybe go for something a bit more "fountain like".

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    Lookin' amazing as always! Shame to hear about the object limit. Maybe you could add sine soaces with 'breathing room' in your park, to help contrast points stand out? Not every tile has to be filled with information. It's a normal trick in painting, and I think it helps in RCT parkbuilding too.

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    Wow, what a mess of awesome! 


    My only issue is what G_force stated. I'd like to see a better fountain.


    Marvelous work other than that!

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    @G Force, thanks man! i will try those out. regarding the fountain: i need to finish the more important parts first now that im always on the cap, but if i have the chance to i will try to make it a bit more "fountain like" ;-) 


    @Angroc, Thank you, yeah it really is a shame. I'll try that


    @BlazingEmpireHD, thanks!

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