Screenshot / Main City Trainstation at Gal.Ard


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    comment below
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    This dude making transit stations like it’s Cities Skylines. Wow this is impressive looking
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    Great comeback.

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    Atta boy royr... missed your skills for H2H this time around, but fantastic work here. Lookout letting you loose with the new save format haha

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    thank you guys



    bsg - yeah i missed that one, it was a fantastic contest

    i'm hoping the scenery limit will be released soon, the copy and paste mod is already pushing my object count to the sky 

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    Fantastic, I love the blend of old and new.


    Only thing that sticks out a bit is the grey glass - I think teal might be a better option?

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    Looks excellent, very ambitious but I'm sure you can pull it off and if you do it'll definitely be a landmark release. How do you build in that timelapse btw, is it all done as shown with you building in just one rotation and filming? I don't think I'd have the patience to build that way lol

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    alex - thank you, i might give it a try


    Xtreme97 - it's quite a task indeed, but the scenery manager makes it a bit more reachable i guess :p 

    the timelapse works by joining a server with 2 clients, one you build on and the other one captures it. The footage is speed up by 1600% so i don't need to strictly build on the same rotation

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    Your content is always a blessing to the community Royr. This looks so effortless... 

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    my boy



    great to see you back

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    This is amazing! Wow... 

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    crazy how fast you build this with the szenerie plugin

     I remembered of an try of "liampie" to use this tools but this looks so mutch more nicer ....sorry liampie but you build the fastest park in the world :D

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