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    Sure, can't make any promises by I'll give it a try.
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    I was wondering if there exist any Polynesian objects? Like the typical statues etc.

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    As you guys know, I'm working on a new zoo project, for which I need two objects.


    The first one would be a diagonal version of the wooden pole fence. I've tried substituting it with other objects, but it just doesn't look right.




    The next one is for object saving measures. As I'm building a zoo, I'm building aviaries and cages. Some of them are quite big, so using the 1k safety net takes up a lot of slots. If someone could make a full-tile colourable version of the 1k safety net like in the picture, I would be very grateful!



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    I can do the net object at some point. However a more skilled object maker will have to attempt the fence object.
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    Thank you very much, G Force!

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    Just let me know when you need it via PM, probably won't take more than 20 minutes.

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    I'll let you know soon. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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    Does anyone know if there already exists an invisible queue tv somewhere? I could use one right now.

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    Attached File  CBQTV.DAT (491bytes)
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    Here it is



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