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    Sure, can't make any promises by I'll give it a try.
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    I was wondering if there exist any Polynesian objects? Like the typical statues etc.

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    As you guys know, I'm working on a new zoo project, for which I need two objects.


    The first one would be a diagonal version of the wooden pole fence. I've tried substituting it with other objects, but it just doesn't look right.




    The next one is for object saving measures. As I'm building a zoo, I'm building aviaries and cages. Some of them are quite big, so using the 1k safety net takes up a lot of slots. If someone could make a full-tile colourable version of the 1k safety net like in the picture, I would be very grateful!



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    I can do the net object at some point. However a more skilled object maker will have to attempt the fence object.
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    Thank you very much, G Force!

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    Just let me know when you need it via PM, probably won't take more than 20 minutes.

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    I'll let you know soon. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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    Does anyone know if there already exists an invisible queue tv somewhere? I could use one right now.

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    Attached File  CBQTV.DAT (491bytes)
    downloads: 2


    Here it is



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    Is there a x4 High Deco Brick Object? (the tiny corner brick deco piece)... can't seem to find it if it exists...

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    Try "SFDECOPL"


    Might be thicker than what you are looking for though.

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    Yeah, it's not brick though. 


    How would I go about making one? Take a screenshot of one stacked 4 high and put it into the object editor?

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    Basically yes, make sure the background is a color you want to get rid of.  You can also use green and pink for coloring, but that is a bit more complex.

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    To make one, color the item bright pink and bright green, then press h and v for a black backround. Take a screenshot, and then open it using paint or something and crop it as tight as possible. 


    Press ctrl-a, ctrl-c, and open up the object editor, select your size of object, ect, Check rotatable, stackable, no supports, and overlap. Set the clearance and make sure to get perfect positioning (you can test this later in-game). 


    Check map 1 and 2, and if the object isnt colorable in-game, then use the protected boxes and the bottom of the screen to make it easier to re-map your preferred areas.


    This is the method ive been using to make dozens of objects.


    NOTE: if you are ever using objects that have black in them that matches the same black as the background color, do the same process expect in the object editor make transparent color for imports set to 0. And remove the black manually.


    Or do what I do, and color the area were the object is standing with the red grid floor or a different color which doesn't match any colors in the object. And then take a screenshot, and use the protected boxes to erase the grid backround.

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    Thanks, I figured it out before I came back to see if someone had answer. Worked like a charm, basically how you described it. Third time I've hit the object limit, so I'm on a quest to start making multiple piece objects. Thanks for your help!


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