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    Yeah but in this era of RCT we do a lot more of detailing, which takes more time :)  I'm sure a month will be enough for most, but it's kinda short for the slower builders like me. Don't want to nag though, if I can't get it done in time it will sure be a good design submission without the contest.

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    Is it allowed to get outside help for things not directly related to the park building process? For example, I'd like to use a different color palette, but I'm not sure if I can create it myself.

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    Making objects (for example, a palette) never affects creator shares. You can have a hundred people make objects for you, but only you will be credited with the design. Go ahead.

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    Yeah if we were credit everyone Liam would have 100 accolades by now.
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    Ooh, I may try this. Could be a good way to get back into the game.
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    I look forward to having an extra 10 designs added to my profile!
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    Ooh, I may try this. Could be a good way to get back into the game.


    Great, this contest is mostly over at this point ;)

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    Cool! Might try to make an entry. 4 weeks is kinda short for the amount of the time i have available for rct but let's see if its possible :)

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    Is this solo only?

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    Yes, solo submission only please.

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    Might try this. Does it matter if it's openrct only, for example?
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    That's no problem, most people only use Open now anyway lol

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    Damn. With the multiplayer option, I would've loved to see what entries groups could come up with...

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    We felt that because its simply a design contest, that multiplayer maps would get a bit overkill.  The goal wasn't for a group of 4 or 5 members to sink 300+ hours in to a massive design centered around one coaster, it would basically eliminate any chance for a solo builder.


    Besides, we still have H2H, or any other future group contests that Multiplayer can be utilized in.

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    Haven't been around in months. But this peaks my interest.....
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    I'm probably gonna try and mess around with this, but I'm​ too much of a newbie. (Been watching the ne server a little under @arp and that's​ helped.) I know I won't submit tho, no chance lol.
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    I know I won't submit tho, no chance lol.

    Why not, though? The great thing about these open contests is, that everyone, regardless of skill level, can participate. I think it's a great challenge to build a design in a month and it could be a lot of fun. I don't think anyone has ever complained about "too many entries"

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    Go for it!  


    When voting is complete, the highest scoring entry will be chosen as the winner, and given the prestigious NE Design accolade (if the 65% standard is hit). Any additional entries that hit the 65% threshold will also be awarded the Design accolade. All other entries will then be released as a non-competitive multi-mapper group park, where each map is one entry.


    You don't have to win to get a design accolade - any park that gets a 65% score better does.  Even if you don't make that cut, you'll get to have your work released and people can view and comment.  No downsides to submitting, really.


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