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  • this is fantastic! cool to see you turning your attention to micro stuff in the past few months, you're just as creative with the small details 

  • I'm pro-skull, feels like the sorta eyesore that would be at one of these parks. Pro rest of the screen as well, obviously.

  • this was my easy favorite area back in the day, hard to deny the setpiece of a flying coaster built into a cliffside 

  • Giant props signifying a building's purpose is poor iconography in my books, but J K (and SF in EPWS too) go all out with it and it somehow works in his universe. Adds to the cartoonish fun?



    i think jk captured the 90s postmodern/eclectic style quite well (there's a more precise architectural term for this era but i completely forget it), in a way that really felt like garish theme park dressing, rather than pure "form over function" rct symbolism. his stuff reminded me of Universal Hollywood's Citywalk particularly

  • is 2014 a birth year


    at least one person was born in 2014, yes. 


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