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  • This park has held up great, imo.  Once of the best examples of American historic park crunch-- probably second only to your more recent Mahoning.  The source material certainly helps as well-- hard to beat this coaster collection and the positioning of it all.

  • Really liking this including the waterfalls coming off the back of the station.  The vertical glass and that interesting rock texture really helps it stand out.

  • This is great.  Really love the texture and the details.  Those planters are excellent.  Only comment is the path texture makes the house lose some of its boldness and comes across a bit washed out.  Perhaps the same texture in a different color?

  • Fallingwater is a classic, of course.  Hard to beat that location.  But I've always been a fan of Robie House and I kind of have a thing for the Ennis house just because I love the eclecticism of Mayan Revival.  

  • Wish there was a way to hide or do something more custom to the standard supports on the upper drop.  But I love how those interact together.  This is beautiful.  


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