• there certainly is a lot on this map. I'd say it varies from quite good (eg, the go karts) to overwhelming and not-so-well-constructed (eg, the neon eye destroyer area). i quite liked the warm mechanical atmosphere near red rock falls.


    by any chance- are you colorblind? there is just something about the particular colors you chose throughout that gives me pause.


    lol no not colorblind, I just like adding in different flavors than others, I try to keep it a tad weird. As far as my sight goes, it's always on 100% >D 


    If you throw in some more random variations on the sand and rock landscaping like the occasional two or three of a kind touching it would make it a bit more convincing. That and support the curve before the half loop in the upper left corner. If you do that, I think that the screen as a whole would look quite good. Good interaction between the architecture, path, and rides.



    I may have to just take that quarter loop and cut it a bit shorter instead of having the snake turns at the top just a direct turn without inversions. As far as my repetition with land sculping, I'm really trying to make it more like mountains in central Montana. Set in a valley rift on the edge of a state park. Trying to keep it more realistic as for the setting.

  • really didn't know an appropriate way to build custom supports for the first launch out of station (where the wood RC holding the top before first drop) and personally that bothers me lol. Still working through filling up the canvas, making progress and finishing up on this largely experimental valley park! 


    Ranger ridge is just the last piece before I get ready to release.

  • Oooh damn that’s some nice western wear you got there!
  • My apologies for all that, cabin fever triggered is an actual thing, nothing on anyone, I appreciate the feedback. I've just been trying to experiment with these parks im working on, add some new terrains and environments, not perfect i know but i have my specific plans for my areas and my parks and overall vibes. I just push it as far as my imagination will let me.


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