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  • But... how??? 

  • I think this would get more comments if the gridlines were off and the toolbar hidden. Looks more like a WIP screen (not that's a bad thing).

    Love the invert colors. Also is the donut supposed to represent the handle on a coffee mug? If so, genius.


    This one has been a WIP, largely a big giant sandbox build. And I just forget to take gridlines off before I take screenshots.  

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  • Whooooooaaa 

  • there certainly is a lot on this map. I'd say it varies from quite good (eg, the go karts) to overwhelming and not-so-well-constructed (eg, the neon eye destroyer area). i quite liked the warm mechanical atmosphere near red rock falls.


    by any chance- are you colorblind? there is just something about the particular colors you chose throughout that gives me pause.


    lol no not colorblind, I just like adding in different flavors than others, I try to keep it a tad weird. As far as my sight goes, it's always on 100% >D 


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