Screenshot / Nepal with a hint of World's Fair


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    Wow this is fantastic, feels so real. You've really got a great eye for detail and composition. Immediately one of my favorite upcoming projects.
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    Wow this is awesome!

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    This looks cozy!! 

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    how about that
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    This looks awesome, reminds me of FK's Nepal entry for Grand Tour

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    Wow dude this is great

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    Wow, great screen. I especially love the building with the overhang and the one with the dark green pagoda roof.

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    Whoa that’s a sweet bus. I also really like the use of the clotheslines as flags here, I think you should try doubling or even tripling the amount of them to add some pizazz to the plaza, as well as maybe more little snack carts and stuff like that.

    Beautiful architecture too
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    vibrant, organic, believable, detailed, spicy

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    that reminds me bit on liams around the world tour^^

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    So dank. So clean. So flawless. <3

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    thanks everyone! you're a bunch of kings.
    here's an overview for a bit more context. hard to say where i'm at, no area is 100% at this point. making the backstage areas is becoming more enjoyable than making the park itself haha

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    jesus christ dude

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    Super impressive!  Very hyped for this, especially after seeing the overview.  Let me know if you want testers ;)

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    damn, this is all like a way better version of my old shit. love it

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    Wow that overview is extremely impressive! Super stoked to see this park finished!

    As a constructive note on the screen: the architecture and aesthetic is incredible but I find everything a bit "square" (especially the bridge at the bottom). I think this area would benefit from a diagonal building or two, or some ground curves thrown in to improve the "flow" and break up the grid. 

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