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  • I've always loved what you've done as part of DKMP and you've been transferring to NE and CSO seamlessly. Considering this is within your first year of really pursuing CSO, you've grown faster than some of us have in years.

    Thanks man those are some really kind words! CSO has deffinitly been a learning curve and i still have a long way to go but i enjoy working with it so expect a lot more  

  • That's pretty epic dude. Reminds me kinda of the new Danse Macabre concept arts from the Efteling.

    Thanks! Now that you say that it kind of does yeah. Maybe they could take some inspiration from this site for their next ride haha! 
  • This will win im sure of it

  • Ulvenwood
    Having competed with you in a lot of DKMP contests and even worked with you in one of these, its safe to say that im very familiar with your work.


    What I admire about you the most is the skill you have too constantly keep improving yourself. From the first day you joinend DKMP till the last contest you have entered, all of your work has been better then the last thing you made. With this park seen above here being a prime example. Teamed up with Iretont i think you made a little realism masterpiece with NCSO here. So much attention to detail and planning that went into ths park its just eyecandy for any NSCO player

    And then ofcourse we have your crazy and wacky ideas like you made for this mini contest. Such a great idea to recreate something that I believe everyone had at least once who is here on this site. I believe the story was that you lay in bed at night and you dream of RCT (correct me if im wrong) really cool man! Other crazy ideas like the toy story made with Rhythm and the Pokemon park made with Mamarillas are also very good examples of the versitilaty you have in making different themes.

    Lastly I want to say to you is, while having mastered the NSCO side of this game I think its a good descision to branch out to the CSO side of RCT. Who knows, one day we may be face to face in H2HX

    P.S. Ulvenwood is an english teacher if im not mistaken so he probably will hate all of the grammatical errors I have made in this post so cheers to you Ulvenwood Love ya!

    As for myself what im most proud of is the transision I finally have made to explore the world of CSO, although its pretty overwhelming and vast to get used to. I think with enough time and with the project im working on I will be of to a good start
    its cool to see that while working on the project I am improving my own CSO builds already.


    I dont consider myself someone who has a lot of knowledge about coasters or park layouts but looking at a lot of parks you guys made as a community really has been helpfull. This has also helped me to learn CSO. So GG to that.


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