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  • It's okay, I'll gladly take any tips. Appreciate you elaborated on it. This is still WIP anyways, the foliage is nowhere near done.

    Regarding your comment, is that the way I really want to design? I've not been playing the game so much, cancelled many parks this year, precisely because of the pressure and enormous amount of time to get things stylistically right. I am not here to win anything. That is not how I would like to play the game, nor prioritising design languages. Also a reason for me to stay away from CSO, I just don't enjoy working with that, even though it would make many things stylistically pleasing. But in the end that is not a motivation for me to play the game. I want to enjoy seeing the coasters go round and peeps walking along from ride to ride, as the game is designed to do, but with a few twists and cheats to make it look better. I do not own or have style, and do not want to spend time creating one totally my own. However, pointing out that roofs or colours don't really match and are distracting help polishing the park and feed my own criticism into improvements that'll most likely stick for future builds, so thank you all for that.
  • Example 3D Model Tir na nÓg

  • I agree to that. Give constructive criticism if you want to address something, like Timothy Cross said about the roofs. That gives room for thought and those things will eventually make their way into improvements. Posix' last two lines do not have any meaning at all, there is nothing I can take from it to work with.
  • Thanks for the feedback! Really helps making decisions. I still need to make some changes here and there.

    @Ottersalad, most guests actually enter the park on the right hand side of the building. I need to change that small building to make it more clear. The building itself is more like an information center and gift shop. Besides the front there are also entries for guests on the right and top left. Left side of the building is for staff.
  • Yeah, you're right about the dimensions. It should be a bit wider and about twice as long, but don't have the space for the park I'm working on.


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