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  • Signing up as player.
    NCSO / DKSO. 
    Pretty much availability. Holidays in end of may for couple of days and in august for a week.

  • Impressive, well done recreation with the DKSO limits (Esepecially the windows and doors, clever object use there and it looks clean). Screenshot's kind of off center though, I'd like to see more of the building on screen since there doesn't seem to be much going on elsewhere yet.

    Its for the dkmp PCC. But i think you knew that. Its gonna be a playfull but modern theme on this world wonder palm beach, dubai.
  • This reminds me more of footage from the war in Ukraine than a theme park.

    Thats quite a dark thought but somehow i know what you mean.
  • It feels banjo kazooie themed.


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