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    Well after one spotlight in the "Corkscrewed Era", things are now returning back to our regular schedule, moving right ahead with the first LL spotlight we've had in over a year, since last Easter's Egg Hunt. One of the most consistent LL parkmakers at the site who has constantly improved, and finally moved into the upper echelon of parkmaking with his latest invention. Twisted brings us Baiht Oashyr Vel Thalloo, a clinic in trackitechture, rugged landscape, and originality. Hopefully, spotlights will be coming much more fast and furious this year, after the ridiculously slow year we had last year, not to mention the PT2 updates up's a very exciting time at NE.
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    Heh... Spotlight was my original hunch for this. Under the "new criteria" it might be a weaker spotlight, if only because it's LL and people might overlook its qualities.

    If you ask me, though, Twisted fully deserves this. His use of trackitecture is utterly amazing, and his theming ideas are quite unique and innovative. The rides are mostly solid, and the park is just a joy to explore.

    Put me on the boat that asks WTF the name means, and what's with the other names that apparently hale from foreign tongues. :lol:

    Fantastic job, Twisted!!
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    Very awesome I loved it. A nice change from the regular RCT2 parks. Good job Twisted on a well deserved Spotlight.
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    Congratulations Twisted! Even though I can't view LL parks, I just want to say that I've always looked up to you as a parkmaker in general and I hope you try RCT2 out again soon. :)
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    Definitely deserved the spotlight, its a bit better than a super runner up would be....Things I like about it...

    - Trackitecture is the best I have ever seen, prolly will start a new trend with LL parkmaking here.
    - Landscaping was phenomena, especially in the Lumo area.
    - Great job building the ruins in the Invert area, spectacular.
    - Different type of park, not the run of the mill "ancient civilizations park."
    - The Tyrant statues were brilliant.

    Things I did not like....
    - I didn't think the coasters were utterly amazing, they were good though.
    - Park didn't really have a flow to it, but that really doesn't matter imo (small in the whole scheme of things).
    - Separation of areas mainly by water (get more creative here).

    All in all, I would give it a solid 85/100. VERY nice job, definitely is a spotlight, albiet "weak" like Cork said.
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    A nice park from the overview, i'd love to view it but I don't have LL. Twisted deserves this spotlight though. It;s nice to see a new spotlight.

    BTW..where are the runner-ups from when POM was spotlight?
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    twisted, congratulations.
    i thought you were gone and now this. wow.
    very happy there are still people who do something for ll. you rock.
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    I'm very impressed by the overview, need to get my ass in gear now and buy RCT+LL.

    Congratulations Twisted, good to see someone excelling.
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    I also thought Twisted dissapeared...apparently not.

    Congrats my old friend. I really wasnt expecting this update either...just last night I was saying to TracidEdge how we havent had a spotlight in a while.

    I'm downloading now but wont be able to check it out until afterschool...looks sweet though!
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    Hehe told you it was spotlight quality :)
    Well done twisted a well deserved spotlight.

    Just glad i didnt enter in the same week :p
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    Just glad i didnt enter in the same week :p

    Oooh, now we know what's coming up 8-)

    Great looking park Twisted, but sadly I uninstalled LL the other day :( . But no worries, I'll be reinstalling it in the future and I'll give the park a good gander.
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    Lovely park! This is my favourite spotlight in quite a while, I like it more than both PoM and Bijou.
    Excellent trackitecture, looked kinda Coaster Ed-inspired.
    The only thing I didn't really like was the "future ninja" area (can't remember the name), it looked a bit cluttered, especially the foilage.
    Still, the park is full of neat little details and hacks, which I love. I really liked that it wasn't advertised or anything either, this spotlight came as a complete surprise (and a very pleasant one at that), and I had no idea what to expect from the park.
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    if only i could view rct1.

    Realseing the demons?was it once :)
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    BTW..where are the runner-ups from when POM was spotlight?

    We didn't get any parks. In fact, this is like the first park we've really gotten in two months (well, that worked anyway...) :lol:
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    Congrats Twisted! Just had a quick look around, some very good ideas in there. The little things, such as the detailed bridges, little trackitecture objects in each area and the use of mushrooms (I'm not on my own! ;) ).

    Fantastic park, i liked the war themed area- some of the best ideas in there in my opinion. Congratulations, definitly deserving of a spotlight. :)

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    Congradulations, Twisted. A well deserved spotlight you have there. I really enjoyed the park, uniqueness, colors, and atmosphere. Great job!
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    Even though I can't view LL parks

    i'd love to view it but I don't have LL

    need to get my ass in gear now and buy RCT+LL

    sadly I uninstalled LL the other day

    if only i could view rct1

    maybe i'm being a little hypocritical, but...
    aren't we supposed to be the last thriving ll site...
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    Yes, but some people came too late for that, or lost their disks along the way. I would buy it, but the only version I can find anywhere is the combo-pack, and I've heard that doesn't work with the Drexler Patch. Can anyone confirm or deny that for me?


    I wasn't going to post anything about it, and think it's a bit silly people are posting about it. If you can view the park say what you think, otherwise be quiet! And, while that may sound hypocritical, because I'm obviously doing the same thing, I don't care. I am a hypocrite.


    I think it's stupid for a park to win Spotlight by default, no matter how good it may be.
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    It didn't win by default. That's why we went like a year only posting 4 spotlights last year. Since when does every park have Runner-Ups?
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    Twisted knows what I think of this. It's damn orgasmic.