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    Round Robin


    Round 4 | Match 1

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    by the RevoLLutionists (RCTLL)


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    "Terra Progressia"
    by the Hurricanes (RCT2)


    Voting Closed
    Hurricanes beat revoLLutionists

    Europa was made by SSSammy, Airtime and RCTCA. Terra Progressia was made by Kumba, J K and Comet.

    RevoLLutionists vote count: 0

    Hurricanes vote count: 15
    Voters: mrbuckeye, trav, Cocoa, Wanted, Ling, Wicksteed, Liampie, tyandor, Xtreme97, Jonny93, 5Dave, MCI, Insanity, Casimir, FK+Coastermind

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    This can't go wrong for the revoLLutionists. Or can it? Discuss!
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    2 weeks in a row we bust our asses to get handed victories... not sure how to feel about it.
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    Posted ImageI vote Hurricanes
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    2 weeks in a row we bust our asses to get handed victories... not sure how to feel about it.

    People know not to even bother against us and are strategically putting their time into their other match-ups. I completely understand it and don't really blame them to be honest, I'll take it as a compliment
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    Not meaning this in a mean way, but can anyone explain the concept behind the Hurricanes park? I'm struggling to enjoy it as much as I could because I can't tell what it's supposed to be. Is it a park themed to evolution? Is it a park themed to nature taking over? I just don't get it, sorry.
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    Is it a park themed to nature taking over?

    Pretty much.
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    What a wild concept nature gone wild I love this park really well done.]I vote Hurricanes
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    What are you guys talking about? Our park is finished. It's a theme park that is still being built.
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    ^^How many times have you failed to correctly copy paste the code from the first post when voting now?

    Shame the RevoLLutionists' park was unfinished. It isn't hard to imagine where it was going, though, and could have been great.

    I wasn't very fond of the Hurricanes' park, though. There were quite a few spelling errors(Entrence Tree Trunk, Funghi Flyer, etc.), which probably wouldn't affect a normal person's viewing of the park, but it does affect my viewing experience. I wasn't a fan of any of the coasters, even Fungi Flyer, just a very slow, boring ride to try to watch. I liked some of the ruined archy, but disliked a lot. I enjoyed the tower behind Gala, but not the one by Terra and the River ride(forgot the name, Fera, was it?). A somewhat enjoyable park for me, but could've been much better.

    As I don't have LL, no vote, but I'm pretty certain it wouldn't change the outcome anyway.
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    Spelling errors? In a Hurricanes park? Get out.

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    Posted ImageI vote Hurricanes

    Disappointed though, I can guess at least 2 of the parkmakers on the Hurricanes park and I just get the feeling they maybe weren't fully inspired as they're 2 of the best when it comes to ideas and small things, but I just didn't find many things that caught my eye and made me think 'wow'.
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    well, I am a little annoyed that I had to fish out my LL cd just to vote on this one, you could pretty much see everything from the overview :p. I would have been impressed if you'd managed to pull this off though, those are some pretty difficult themes in LL. But you get brownie points for sinking the medieval houses into the architecture. yeah, go me :D


    This was a really fun little park with a very interesting theme that felt a little like planet of the apes and a little bit like concrete jungle, but taken to a much further extent. Throughout the park there is a lot of great ruins architecture, along with a few other pieces that aren't quite as well layed out or thoughtful. Mostly I loved the architecture on the Terra side of the park, but I felt the area around Gaia was not as good. The leaf station was brilliant, and that part of the park felt nice, but also like I'd seen it a million times before. I sincerely hope someone else on your team uses those short jungle fences because otherwise they're a dead giveaway :p

    The park layout could have used a little work, as it felt strange or awkward in parts, but overall it worked well enough for me. I also love when parks have the word Terra in their name, but Progressia sounds like a type of pasta or maybe an art movement. It just didn't really fit the park IMO. Maybe some word to do with plants or nature would have worked better.

    Posted ImageI vote Hurricanes

    not much of a challange this week, I'm afraid
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    Posted ImageI vote Hurricanes

    Ehh. Really hated the wooden coaster. Rest was pretty cool.

    On the other hang - loved Gaia! Would be so fun to ride.
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    Why would the RevoLLutionists even send this in? I'd just be like, "hey uhhhh we had a crash and lost everything. You shoulda seen what we had though, it definitely could've won." Embarrassing.
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    Hrm will give a longer review of the Hurricane's park later, but I don't have LL so I'm not voting this round. But I will say that I am a bit disappointed with both parks. For the revollutionists, well... it's just not even close to being finished. I do really enjoy the layout of the woody though and the water ride is well made so far.

    The Hurricane's park I did not like at all. Some good ideas here and there, but nothing incredibly stunning or amazing. The layouts of the coasters were pretty terrible overall... Gaia wasn't TOO bad, but the woody was atrocious. After three amazing parks from the Hurricanes, I'm pretty surprised at the quality of this round.
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    Posted ImageI vote Hurricanes

    I liked the overall idea of Terra Progressia, but the individual parts that made it up seemed a little dysfunctional. Coaster layouts were good but not over the top. The giant leaf was probably the most awesome thing about the park (given, it was pretty awesome).

    The best thing that can be said for the Revollutionists' park is that it looks like there were some cool ideas in formation. But a lot of the stuff that confuses me I'm not sure whether to attribute to unfinished-ness or failure to communicate. Either way, I hope this marks the end of the forfeited rounds.
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    Why would the RevoLLutionists even send this in? I'd just be like, "hey uhhhh we had a crash and lost everything. You shoulda seen what we had though, it definitely could've won." Embarrassing.

    Because we are not obliged by a sense of pride and the desire to stomp other peoples faces into the dirt.
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    Well, this is obvious.

    I quite liked the Hurricanes park. Kind of similar in theming ideas to what I'm going for with Sacre du Printemps. So I find it quite inspiring.
    A bit rough and unrefined in some places though.

    Not much to be said about the revoLLutionists park, sadly.

    Posted ImageI vote Hurricanes
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    Wodan had a great layout. I didn't really enjoy anything else, sorry. It's too unfinished and I just don't like this style of LL much. So far, all LL parks so far have been quite disappointing. None had really good aesthetics. It's all just too technical. Cars Land was pretty good, but it was empty as well. Lost Samurai had a focus on aesthetics, but it was horribly rushed. I loved Concrete Jungle even though it was so technical, but it was unfinished and lifeless anyway. Copper Creek was random and unrefined. With Europa (park?) we've really hit the bottom I think. Hopefully your round 5 park will look better again, I expect to see more of Loopy and Ride6 so I still have hopes. RevoLLutionists, the balance between aesthetics and technique has been lost and that's what making you lose rounds, not because you are playing LL. Sea World Sydney and Xlapak won because they had a good balance. They looked great AND they had good ideas and hacks. None of the LL parks so far came even close to those two.

    I'm sorry I can't say 'good job guys' here.

    I'm in the mood apparently, so I'll just say this right away: wow, everyone above here is fucking spoiled. :p In other words, I think this park is AWESOME. A typical Hurricanes-park. The theme is nice and well executed, though I think you didn't use it to its full potential. There's so much you can do with this theme. Anyway, I love the looks of this. The bright green, the earthy architecture, the ruins reminiscent of 18th century Italian paintings, the spectacular landscape in the right half of the park. Cool little things to see, but not as much as in Zombieland or Olympic Village where it became too much. I think the woodie is spectacular. The first half on the mountain looks beautiful and the interactions are cool. I love how the second half is situated in some sort of trench. Yeah, the transitions may not be as smooth as they should be and the layout IS awkward, but I think it's original and I loved watching it. Spore was a great coaster as well. Less original, but more smooth. The drop/tunnel through the mountain with the Foggy Forest Trail (or whatever it was called) was a brilliant combination. I can totally imagine walking the trail and then coming across this viewing platform. I can imagine standing there waiting for a train to pass and it'd be an amazing sight. I didn't like Gaia much but I didn't dislike it either. Overall, great job.

    1. natural beauty!
    2. the amazingly placed viewing platform
    3. fun detail

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    And of course, Posted ImageI vote Hurricanes