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    Truly epic park releases only come around every once in a while at New Element, and when they do, there's no feeling quite like it around the community. Parks like "Sea World Atlanta", "Tropico Horizons", "Mount Sinister", "Disney Dreams", "Atlantis: The Lost Empire", and of course "Universal's Island Xtreme" are all perfect examples of this, and now we can add one more to the list, the return of the greatest parkmaker of all time...Rivers of Babylon by sacoasterfreak aka "Snowbound Psycho". Only New Element's 4th RCT2 Spotlight, it's definitely the most exciting. Although Butterfinger's "Euroscape" debuted at #1 on my List, Rivers of Babylon has had months and months of eager anticipation leading up to the release, not to mention being the park that gets the honor of being known as "Snowbound's return park", not to mention SA's first NE release at all.

    If you don't mind, Iris, I'm going to edit your post and just note that for the first time in like... over a year, I've posted a Corkscrewed's Review on this park. It was just so good that I had to. Be sure to read it! One of these is even rarer than a blue moon! :D

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    Truly jawdropping...:0

    This is the park that got me into RCT2 and made me go out and by the game. Eversio Lemuria was by far the best ride in the park. Easily the best Beemer in RCT2 history. Eden was an amazing rapid ride, as well as Kukulkan-The Serpant God being one of the best Suspended coasters ever as well. Congrats on the spotlight SACF, you truly deserve it.
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    Just what you'd expect from SA.
    My new #2 park. It's absolutely stunning.
    Please don't leave us ever again, SA
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    Probably the best park to date...
    I've first viewed the attached Babylon pics, and when seeing the park, it has the same atmosphere and look of Babylon...
    Congrats SAC,

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    That was a kick ass park. Love "The Flood", what a neat log flume ride and the buildings around the bemmer were great. What a nice atmosphere. And to think he hardly used any of Toon's good custom objects. Well Done.
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    Pretty damn good! I remember replying in the parks thread many months earlier. The diagnol lifts, your coasters, you waterrides, and theming, all, kicked major ass. The only area that really needed work was your suspeneded. Although far better then most, it could have gone a wee bit faster. Pretty decent ride still. I loved your theming and architecture. Great job! Hope to see more work from you.
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    Holy SHit!!!

    you're very good parkmaker!
    ROB is perfect consept. even your skill!

    good work my friend...
    (If I could speak english, I'll be happy)<- strange;kkkk
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    *next stop....Hell*

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    I'd love to see it, but the download gave me an invalid data, unable to load game message. What's up with that?
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    wow. I don´t think i ever believed i was going to be able to say this but..

    i got myself a #1 park.

    This park emplifies what perfection means in so many ways, they so outweigh the few faults i can find, that i can actually place this park high above and other park.

    To walk through the park quickly, the first area, Babylon. This is a very amazing area, and the coaster fits in very perfectly. The best thing by far tho, is the river rapids. The whole feel that those rapids have is umbelievable, and the relatively large drops fit very well. I love how SACF interacts rapids with path when the rapids are well below the track in a sort of pit. Definitely realistic, i think, and truly awesome. (This can be seen in Legends West as well) However, the blue chosen for the gate doesn´t appeal to me, but as i said, few faults and lots of excellence.

    To take the route saving the best for last would leave the Mexican area next up. This area is still a very nicely done area. The wooden coaster is a really nice coaster, but the suspended, imo, is sort of a let down. I can see where SACF wanted to go with it, and he certainly went that way, but it didn´t appeal to me enough for me to like that way.

    The Japanase area was in my first glance a major let down. How could SACF choose such ugly roofing? Well, then i started to see that although the roofing is ugly as hell, it still is a wonderfull area. The coloring around it, and all the landscaping gave it a lovely oriental atmosphere. Lotus is then one of my more favorite coasters in the park. It´s actual layout is really quite a bore, but the interaction with the theme is magnificent. I absolutely adore how its set up against a mountain with houses on it. I´d really like to know what part Joe Holland took part in the design as well, just because i´m interested.

    Then we come to the most praised area in the park. And what will i do? i´m gonna praise it even more. The wooden marble porticulus door combination works so well it moved right over to my new project. But that´s not half of what this area has in store. The beemer is really nice, and again, just looking at the layout won´t make you drop your jaw, but the way the whole coaster works with the theming is what really does it. The waterfall is really nice, and the buildings at the end, as well as the high things which i don´t even know what they are. They look awesome tho. The architecture around this area is absolutely amazing. The shop nearest to the rapids has lovely use of those arches, and although one of the first constructed buildings, it´s still one of my favorite. From a zoomed out view you can see just how wonderful Escape´s building is, and the rest of the buildings.. i just have to say major props to the using wooden roofs unlike anyone has used them before, and making them look that awesome. The area doesn´t end its awesomeness right here tho. I saw the log flumes unthemed, and as i did with the suspended and the flyer and the beemer (ouch) i didn´t really like them. The drops seem large, but the theming, (again), interacts so incredibly well, it´s just not funny anymore. The building, the landcaping, the routed canal sort of thing above, the way it goes past the waterfall, the way it drops 90 degrees from the big drop, it´s all awesomeness.

    So in short, i love this park. I absolutely adore it, and i´ve never been in such complete agreement with iris on the spotlight.

    ---PS--- who fixed the hack for you in the end? might be good if i could pick up a weedle bit of knowledge from him :D

    on a note that i didn´t include many names in my write up i may add that i didn´t look at the park once while writing this. In a few weeks time i´ll know this park like the back of my hand. =P.
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    Thanks guys! Wait until you see my next one! :SA:

    Meretrix, if you get a hold of me on AIM maybe I can resend you the park or maybe a very recent different version of it, I'd hate for you to not be able to see it. E-Mail or AIM me and I'll do my best to help you out.

    Oh, and WME, about Lotus.
    Joe was responsible for the placement of the station, and it's interaction with the pathway, the placement of the lift hill, and the second half of the ride itself.
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    I'd love to see it, but the download gave me an invalid data, unable to load game message. What's up with that?

    keep opening it over and over about 10 times untill it works.

    It always happens to me, every time i download a park it says invalid data the first and second time and then it registers the new objects the third time

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    Your my 1st on my list now omg this park is one of the most amazing things i have ever seen.

    Looking forword to your new park.

    well done man.

    ~nemesis chris~
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    I've been fortunate enough to watch this park grow from the beginnings to the masterpiece we see before us. This park has everything in my opinion and sets the standard for all other RCT2 parks from here forward. From brilliant coasters and rides, to a wonderful park layout, great landscaping, and beautiful architecture the flaws in this park are few and far between (if present at all). This park also has some wonderful details (personal favourites are the faux Oriental signs in the Tibetan area and the flooded buildings around the flume) that will keep you coming back and admiring it for a very long time. At the moment, this is by far my favourite park of all time. Thank you for the work of art and I look forward to everything you choose to share with me in the future.
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    I love this park. Not only is it a great mix between realism and fantasy, very detailed, very atmospheric and all that stuff that eventually leads to perfection, but it's so much fun to just look at!
    After looking through the park, I just wanted to look at it again, rediscover everything. I went through the park a couple of times, and I'm pretty sure I'll look at it again.
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    I downloaded a few hours ago. It was so good, it inspired me to build an area just like it in my new park. It is one of the best parks I have ever seen. Well done.
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    this is the best park...ever...period.

    i loved it! it was RCT at its finest, and was near-to-perfection! everything was flawless! down to the last detail! the areas were well themed. my favorite was the atlantis one...amazing work! looking forward to your future parks SAC...i know youll never let us down!
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    WOW, this park its very much perfect. the flyer was perfect, simple but perfect, most would have probly thought you'd need to over theme a coaster to have it look that nice. but no, SA & JH are to smart to make that mistake. and the themeing right in front was amazeing,

    Eversio Lemuria is the best coaster Ever. if you dont think so take a real good look at the layout it has no flaws, but if i were SA i probly would not have used the white supports, more likely a gray imo. my favourite ride in the whole park was Flood, i love water rides and they are not ez to do, this is the best water ride i have ever seen, it has some of the best detailed themeing i have ever seen in RCT2. and also the Woodie is the best RCT2 woodie ever, and the best rapids ever, sim ride, shops ect..............

    Also I had the chance to do a bit of work on this park and do some "hacks", i know in the Read Me SA calls me a "Hackmaster" but i really did not do any big hacks in this park, what i did most of the time with the hacking was just Restore Clearance with 8Cars coz SA cant use 8Cars becoz of some kind of computer Erorr. I think i was called that coz of the erorr Evil WME mentioned in his Posts PS, it was a tile that had gona all black and we called it a "Black Hole" i did a few hacks on it but did not get it out, i coverd it with that 2x2 ruin and sent the park back saying i could not fix it, and when he got it he removed the object and the "black Hole" was gone or something like that. Also yes i did make two buildings in the park good luck finding them ;)

    SA thanx for letting me be a small part of one of the best parks ever, and sloB for telling SA im a good Hacker.

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    I didnt like it as much as I thought.

    I HATED the flyer, I thought it was bad, and boring.
    The log flume wasnt very nice either, and the blue entrance gate nearly made me puke.

    Everything else was great.
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    I didnt like it as much as I thought.

    I HATED the flyer, I thought it was bad, and boring.
    The log flume wasnt very nice either, and the blue entrance gate nearly made me puke.

    Everything else was great.

    Yeah that blue entrance gate was the only thing that let it down for me.
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  • Description

    The park is classic SA, only modernized in RCT2. The themed area approach is a given, and just like some of his other legendary parks (the Legends series and Clockwork Dreams spring to mind), it uses the four-themed area formula to perfection. The first themed area is the Tibet-inspired Lhasa. A themed area based on Buddhist culture and principles, it features a terrific atmosphere, some completely exclusive ToonTowner custom theming, and flawless execution. It is here you'll find "Lotus", a B&M Flying Coaster themed to hang-gliding in the Himalayas, created in a dual-effort by SA and Joe Holland, each creating one half of the ride. The next area of the park is fittingly, Babylon, the entrance area of the park. This area of the park was completely re-modeled after SA pre-released this park long ago, so those that downloaded that version have nothing to worry about. "The 7th Wonder" coaster is a Drachen Fire clone, a SA trademark, and "Eden" is a truly beautiful rapids ride that takes up almost the entire center of the park. Next up is possibly the greatest themed area of all time (and definitely one of the largest), Lemuria, an interpretation of sorts on Atlantis. In actuality, it's the sister island of Atlantis, and although the themes are somewhat similar, there are some very obvious differences as well. My favorite ride in the park, "Eversio Lemuria", the newest in the line of classic SA Beemers (joining the two Leviathan coasters and Phoenix) is featured here, and is most probably the single best RCT2 ride created to date. This area is far from a one trick pony though, as you'll also find the beautiful "Flood" log flume, themed to the great flood of Biblical times. Not to mention, the best architecture and theming in the entire park is here. Finally, the Tulum area of the park, of Mexican inspiration, which features three coasters. First off, "Kuxan Suum" (or 'Road to the Sky' in english), a classy wooden coaster. There's also "Kukulkan-The Serpant God", a marvelous suspended coaster and even a ride for the kids, "Tecote", a Family Coaster.

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