Screenshot / #fbf: Kukulkan


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    People always rave about how good Lemuria is, and Reversio Lemuria. But Kukulkan is also a masterpiece, as is the whole area. Probably my favourite area in the park. It's so well composed! And the coasters are all unique and spectacular.
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    Just so so so gorgeous.

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    Lemuria is the best area of the park. This section is great too, but come on? Atmosphere and ideas can't be topped.
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    Lhasa was my favourite area tbh.

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    Why can't more people build like this...

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    This throwback didn't even need to be posted because I think about this park at least 3 times a day. This is the first park I ever downloaded from NE waaaay back in the day (my account may be newish but I've been lurking here for like a decade) and it is still my favorite of all time. In my mind nothing has topped this and nothing ever will

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