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    W.......o........w......The only word I could mutter out when looking at this masterpiece of a park sent in only last night. Becoming only the second RCT2 spotlight in New Element's history, and not only that....but claiming #1 on my List!!!! Congratulations to Butterfinger for his Euroscape, a gigantic 256x256 portrait of perfection. The theming and architecture was so detailed, that the game actually ran out of memory, and the Platypus had to expand it onto a minimap to finish his vision of the perfect European experience.
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    My breath has been taken, this is amazing (and I'm the first responder and first downloader!). My thoughts can be best described like this (say Euroscape fast and it will make since) Euroscape: Your Escape to Perfection. Excellent work, excellent work.

    ~Prince Ashitaka~ 8@
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    Im speechless...............

    The is indeed the best park EVER... Period.
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    butter is love.
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    Good Lord.

    This is the best park. Ever. And It's going to stay that way. Forever. I honestly can say that I highly doubt anything will ever grace my computer that is this good. So now, at this point, I'll leave with that. I've yet to view the expanded part, and I'm currently speechless.
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    First off id like to say no offense to iris and the others but i really dont see what you see in this park.I think it lokks just like every butterfinger park made before, nothing out of the ordinary (except it being rct2) and it just looks like an excuse to pile in as much crap as possible.

    The buildings are extremely repetative and in an area not one stands out because they are all exactly the same textures just in different shapes. It makes each area (apart from one) really boring to look at to me.

    Then there is the lack of landscaping which most of us had a problem with (including me) until certain people like JS and VTD reintroduced the idea that it is possible not to just have jagged rocks everywhere. This park especially lacks in that department in my opinion as only in a about 2 cases did i see some land that was shaped not just pointing up all over the place which isn't good.

    The coasters wern't really anything special to me either apart from one cos there were just crowded with trees,ugly looking rocks and as much crap as possible which i really hate and the layout were not what id call exciting. Totally crowded with wodden supports just makes them worse.

    The one last thing i dont like is that all the themes look almost exactly the same if you just changed all the colours the same and there where hardly any places where the path was lined with flowers it was just building after building of randomness and then loads of trees.

    sorry but this is no where near number 1 for me.
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    It is defintely in my top 5.
    This park has some of the nicest architecture ive seen especially in the spanish area, even if a lot is 2*2 archy. Maybe it needed something big in the park to give it an overall WOW factor but to make spotlight it didnt need it. It is detailed and taurus stole the show - great coaster.
    Scotland was another nice area and ive never seen it pulled off so well.

    Maybe it did get repetitive with the style buildings but the sheer detail and the amount of effort put into them was amazing. The Only ride i wasn't keen on was the steel twister ride in the greek section, i thought the layout was horrible but the layouts on the other rides made up for it.

    Amazing park and worthy of spotlight
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    I'm a bit like RRP on this one.

    I like it but it doesn't have that WOW factor for me.

    Everyone saying how amazing the architecture in this park. I personally think its nice but not stunning. The only great architecture I liked was in the sanish area. RRPs right about the rest tho it does seem to be mostly the same colours and I did get confused in one bit trying to seperating the areas. I have to say I wasn't a big fan off the multicoloured paths in areas aswell but I never liked that so its not your fault.

    I have to agree on the Spanish area I did like that and it had to be my fav area of the park. Taurus was a great coaster like adam said.

    good park and yes its worthy of spotlight but for some reason it doesn't have that wow factor for me. At the moment I'm loving your contest entry more than this whole park. maybe I'm just going to have a much longer look at this park.
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    Surprise, I'm with RRP and x-sector.
    The park was nice in a few places but didn't have anything I'm looking for in an RCT park.
    I'm too lazy to do full sentences now. I'll just list my thoughts.
    - Green ring (I remember to have seen it a few times. Wasn't there a way to get rid of it? Other RCT2 parks don't have it, I'm sure)
    - Jammed people (...which slowed the game down dramatically. I'm wondering why nobody lets people inside their parks now that RCT2 allows it)
    - Jagged rocks were pretty sad (They didn't look like any certain type of landscape fitting to the theme and had always a waterfall and the same tree combo on them. Got too repetitive)
    - When entering the car park, the banners said 3$. Aren't we in Europe? Should've been € (or if you can't view this sign then at least "Euro")
    - Buildings could have had more shops according to all the banners
    - Some shops weren't named
    - Extremly odd flatride placements (Facing paths and buildings without any scenery)
    - Rodeo show in a Spanish section?! (Do they have Rodeo in Spain? I thought it'd only be done in America because bullfight belongs to Spain)
    - One fourth of the map filled with a car-park
    - Taurus was looking nice but had a repeptivie layout and speed problems
    - La Tempestad had the rail going over the queue line for too long
    - Repetitive rides in each section? (Carousel, Simulator, Top Spin, Coaster. What about more waterrides?)
    - Architecture = one big mess
    - EuroStar's supports were sort of helpless
    - No music set on the rides
    - No benches, lights or bins
    - Austrian flag done wrong


    Well, as I've said, I still liked it in places. Most of the coasters were good in my opinion but I couldn't really check them properly because my computer was too slow. That was also something which kept me from enjoying the park.
    I found it funny to see a German section in there and it wasn't bad executed. Only the names made all no sense and were full of typos.
    I'd say it's a deserving spotlight but never a #1 park.
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    Holy shit. This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The second I opened it, I couldn't believe my eyes...Butta's RCT2 outshines his RCT1 work by far. It was incredible...the archy and theming were beyond anything I've ever seen in RCT2...and the coasters and creativity level were totally awesome. Congrats to Butta...this is an excellent spotlight. Holy shit.
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    ^^ agreed.
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    The first map was great, but not brilliant. I found that the repetitive architecture in each area seemed to go on endlessly and as I explored each country I found myself getting a bit bored because everything looked the same. The effort and time were definitely there, but the park just lacked the level of detail and variance that would keep me coming back to explore it again and again. The expanded map was much better imo (not surprising as your skills with RCT2 would certainly have improved by then and you were able to take advantage of custom scenery). To me there is so much more to see and explore in terms of architecture here, tho still a little repetitive in places. This is a worthy spotlight and a great display of RCT2, but it's far from a masterpiece.
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    Seeing as I don't have RCT2 (Cant find it), I can't view the park. But from looking at screens, I would also agree its not a number one (I'd put it on my top 10 list). Its no doubt the best rct2 park in existence, so kudos to Butter for that. Ahh, TH's reign at #1 had to fall.
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    :0 wow. This was...amazing! Yes, there were a few flaws, such as Butter's trademark naming mistakes and flags done wrong, but everything else was jaw-dropping.
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    :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0

    Um, whoah. I admit, I was rather expecting a Spotlight, but nothing like this.

    I'll leave my feelings right now standing at this: :0

    Quite funny how the comments in this thread differ so much. I was expecting nothing less than that. This park is the ultimate definition of hit-or-miss. You either love it, or you hate it, simple as that.

    And to answer the thing about the flags--- Half of the flags in this park are wrong. I have no talent with custom scenary, so I just had to get as close as possible. If you noticed, I completly INVENTED a flag for Scotland (I decided the UK flag was too hard...).
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    I thought it was good, a definite spotlight winner, but it wouldn't be #1 on my list. Like others have said, there was a lot of repetition, but I did like the amount of detail in certain areas, and the coasters were all great.

    Cool little glitch with the coloseumm!
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    I liked it, I didn't love it, but it was good.

    I agree with about everything TT said though. I found it boring and repetitive after a while too...
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    i can´t believe people are liking this park THAT much. To me, it looks messy, the coasters look horrible, the landscaping tremendously boring, the architecture has colors that contrast like hell with daylight. I´ll stop now but this park is lucky to even come near my top 50 if i´d actually have one.
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    I don't really see a problem with repetition. It's all being made by the same person, so to me, repetition has never been a big deal to me when it comes to liking parks. Maybe that's one reason I like it and others don't, but hey, I'm enjoying the spotlight at least.
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    Are some of you insane? Seriously who cares if there is a giant parking lot of a lot of jagged rocks. I mean the park is 256 by 256 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! How much do you expect? The whole park to be filled completely with amazing landscaping and archy?! You guys are sickning me... This park has got to be 10 times as better than any park I have seen. The coaster may be a little odd but isn't that the point? Would you like to see a dull boring coaster? Or one that is interesting to watch. Jesus.. Either that or you guys are Jelous of this amazing parks which took 211 rct years to make... And what if the archy is repeating a little?? Look at ALL the parkmakers out there. Fatha', RRP, they both have the same styles of archy in all their parks. I do not understand the people who said it dosn't belong on number one in the List. This park is a pure joy to look at. And Fatha', you can not judge a park on what position on the List it is just from screens. Expecially since they are zoomed out. I mean I can say your park is not even in my top 5 from the screens Iris shows on the Spotlight page. Now I suggest everyone who disagrees to take a look at this beautiful park once again and look at the park block by block and see how amazing it is. Rant over,

    Turtleman 8)