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    comment below
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    I'm downloadloading right now to check this baby out! What a first spotlight of 2010.

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    This is truely an amazing spotlight. Congrats Six Frags.
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    New spotlight and site layout, both are exceptional!
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    I thought this was a decent park, but not exceptional, certainly not the best park ever, as the write up says. Parts of the park, namely the German, Swiss, Egyptian and Mexican areas, were fantastic. Really good work. There were some individual stand out rides as well - EuroMir, the invert and pirate boat ride to name a few.

    But then, other areas looked terribly outdated and just not good. Holland, Peru, Greece, Spain, and the majority of Russia are included in this bracket.

    I can see why this got spotlight, but I'd have given it a strong gold, for the areas that let me down a bit.
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    I thought this park was amazing. I don't care if parts are outdated- they still look good, sort of like how the old rct2 spotlights are still good. Every inch was full of, for lack of a better word, win. Its such a shame you hit the limit though. I can't give a detailed summary on this, it was all good. So just leave it at that. I loved everything. Congratulations!
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    Is it me or is it just a bug at the minute but when you click on the overview it asks to save or find the file? Same for when you click map full scale? And if you save it just wants to find the programme to open it? Just wondering, seen as though I can't view it :(

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    congrats hans. you did a great job.
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    Is it me or is it just a bug at the minute but when you click on the overview it asks to save or find the file? Same for when you click map full scale? And if you save it just wants to find the programme to open it? Just wondering, seen as though I can't view it :(

    hey, this is a problem with ie7. what you can do for now is save the unknown file, and then rename its extension to .png once downloaded, then open the file with any image viewer. or, just use a better browser :p

    six frags, i've commented on this park in emails and pms, so i'm a little clueless what to say, but you know the park hit me ever since i first saw it. the details you added that i could instantly remember from my last trip to europa park are just incredible. i am also much impressed how you could finish a project so long in the making, and not cancel it or turn to other projects. i think the fact that certain areas are a little outdated just tells you of your great dedication to create a solo park of this size. it's something extremly few players have achieved in rct history. you are deservingly the current #1 player for this. congrats! :)

    i would be very curious to know if you already have future project plans.
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    You brought parkmaking back to the core; you managed to make an incredibly cool park with minimal requirements. No overdetailing or other bullshit. Some areas are fantastic (Peru, Mexico, Egypt), but some are less good (Holland, China, Greece). Overall, it doesn't matter though! The average quality is very high, and the quantity is even higher: wow, this park is big! And no stupid filler stuff!

    Subtile details all over the place. 8)
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    Sorry posix for blaming it on the bugs :p
    My IE seems to be pretty dodgy at the minute anyway... think its time for firefox

    By the way congrats SF on the spotlight. Well done! I'll look at the overview when I get time. Shame I can't view it in game :(
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    I'm so pumped right now! Woke up to a new site layout with a spotlight on the front page. Congrats man on this inspirational park and I can't wait to see more from you in the future.
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    Thanks for the replies guys and I'm glad to see it finally released! And what better way than with the launch of NE4!!

    When I was talking to sey this afternoon and he wondered if I was bothered that it took so long since I submitted it, I said 'Well, if it's released with the launch of ne4 I don't mind at all!'.. And so it seems I was right! Great job keeping this a secret for me guys, and I honestly think there was no better reward for me then for epws to be released with ne4!

    It certainly won't be my last park I make, as this whole new ne4 gave me a whole lot of new inspiration!

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    Is your avatar/signature a hint for your next project?
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    Sharp, and yes! (but don't tell anyone :p )

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    Love how you had the courage to put the Switzerland area next to the Austrian one and differentiated their styles! It's hard to make out what a cliché village in Switzerland looks like when you also want to create tipical buildings from the neighbouring country.
    It was great that you used the original music from Poseidon (Princess Mononoke) and Euro-Mir, and if it had been possible to use another music, the Batavian Summer Suite would have topped that park! :)

    I really like it, congratulations for your first (hopefully not the only) spotlight!
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    O yeah I forgot to say that the Euro-Mir music fitted the area so well! It added a lot to the atmosphere.
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    Is it really 50MB?
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    I'll re-post my thoughts that I posted in the relprep forums:

    :eek: Practically everything in this park is amazing. The architecture, the layouts, the ideas... That said, I didn't really feel it had quite as good atmosphere as, say, zippo's or magic realms. Everything held a very high level technically speaking, but that "picture yourself there" feeling wasn't overall on par with some of the other spotlights, even though it was outstanding in certain places like Peru. Obviously though this is a no contest spotlight, congrats and really well done SF!

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    What made this so great was that you captured the Europa Park atmosphere perfectly. Congratulations on Spotlight, you deserve it, and well done on reaching the top of the rankings :)

    I'll provide an in depth review at a later date.