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    by 5dave, Zodiac, G-Ride, Kenneth, Peeee, Mifune, Pineapple, Levis and Ivo
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    Awesome :D

    Downloading right now :)
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    Great Job Guys

    and kudos on beating me with posting it dave :p .
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    Love that logo. Who did that? I'm downloading the park now so i'll comment hopefully later today.
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    Ok make that a 4th guy in my on the radar group, FiveDave :p

    Dave's area was amazing, I loved the whole thing, he might as well start preparing his NE Parkmaker page, he just needs to send in a PT3 map and it's his, even if it's blank :lol:

    Levis and Ivo's stuff was also awesome, best windmill ever, just I don't really know much about Ivo and would kinda like to see what he does solo.

    Ge-Ride & Zodiac doing a join section was funny, I liked it for it's oddness, that that black building with the neon trim was very well done, I liked that alot.

    Everything else was very nice too, great work guys and congrats on winning the Super Cell contest, which is also worth a VP right?

    Oh and imo if you sent this into NE it would have been a Runner-Up... maybe a Blockbuster...

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    @ Kumba -> I believe ivo posted his solo here in the AD also and else he will do very soon.

    @ J K -> Dave made the logo
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    so, when will the next majesty release be?
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    Oh wait, you've already had 2 this H2H season. World Showcase by Kumba, Gwazi & Robbie and also Atlantic Realms by Bacchus & Tolsimir.

    Corrr how many more releases do you want ;)
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    real majesty parks :p
    the ones which where made already before this one was released :p .
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    Levis they are real parks :twitch:
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    no they aren't, when I wake up tomorrow they aren't build. and everyone is still building fantasy :p .

    I mean parks not made for a h2h team
    if I remember good the park from eggy was the last one released as a clubpark.
    and if I remember well some really good parks where in the making already when I left the club.
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    ^Really? Ah see when you left the club we needed to remain a secret so we actually wiped your virtual memory and replaced it with what you thought were really good parks in the making, when really its all a figment of your imagination.
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    ^ what he said.
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    I swear I saw the same though >_>
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    Everyone gets wiped with the same thing, just to keep safe.
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