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    The time has come, for a brand new spotlight. Hoping that this one gets a bit better reception then DDI, which didn't get what it deserves. Yes, the park is RCT1, and the spotlights will continue to be RCT1 as long as the best park entered is RCT1.

    Anyways, onto Lichfield. Finally, RRP releases a good park, and it's more then just good. It's up to #3 on The List, squeezed between 2 unreleased parks. A great atmosphere throughout the park, the best architecture seen since Troy ;), and probably the best theming of any NE Spotlight. The park still captures a semi-realistic approach, which will make some people happy, but still features the great qualities that make a great fantasy park. Major props to x-sector for his anonymous help on the park.
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    It was rather good for once ;) One of my favorite Spotlights. Although I think you should have added Custom Supports to the Arrow Lie Down Coaster.
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    Interestingly, I don't like Lichfield as much as, say, some might. Of course, that's RRP's fault. SWA is even better! In fact, in spite of how awesome this park is, I think SWA blasts it out of the water.

    That said, BGL is almost like a mix between traditional and new tropico theming... except that RRP editted it a bit. Still, the giga is amazing. The dueling SLC's are a bit... well... weird. I just don't like Vekoma, that's all. I'd much rather see dueling BeeMers. :D

    Great job, tho.
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    This was a very nice park, had a nice overall feel to it. If SWA is that much better than this park, I cannot wait to see it. Nice work RRP.............
  • posix%s's Photo you know, ... I love it. Best entrance ever which had an atmosphere that blew me away. Everything is well designed, fits brilliantly and therefore looks fantastic. Especially the duellers were jawdropping.
    I think I can finally understand why youve said that one section takes u 2 months or something ;)
    Same goes to x. Amazing work! ...maybe even my No1

    Hope both of you gonna enjoy RCT2 now ;) (at least x)

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    WOW...nice nice park here. The architecture is the best i've ever seen. The coasters are all great too with Sun Stroke being my favorite. I give this park about a 9.7/10, pushing it up to my new #2 park. Can't wait to see SWA if it's that much better.

    BiO :flame:
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    Great park. I'll post a more intricate review. Maybe.
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    Well, I would post a review if I could get the damn game to run on Windows XP.

    Im sure it is great, so good job and all the other shit people say...
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    This is really odd, but for me, the logo isnt a link to any page. Can someone post a direct hyperlink for me?
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    how bout clicking on 'Spotlight'-section on the left @, Pawn? ;)
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    the arrow still looks ten times better with the vertical loop over the water :p

    everything was really nice.. tho i dont really like pilot wings srry X :| the theming is still quite good.. but there is a certain something missing imo.. i dont know what, and it really does have it in some places like near Sun Stroke, but overall SWA is probly better tho i doubt it will be finished.. yeap.. rrp uve lost my trust in u finishing parks ;) its just something.. ur not very good at---- unlike starting parks.. thats something u ARE good at :lol: overall aMAziNG ParK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :devil:
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    Sun stroke was a work of art, i really loved that ride, it had lovely colours.
    Mount kilimanjaro and the duellers were also lovely but i wasn't too impressed by pilot wings.

    overall the park had lovely architecture and was a treat to look at well deserved
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    Well RRP you no I loved this park and thats why your my fav parkmaker of all time SWA is Way way way better but this park is excellent.

    I was very grateful to help you out on this park well should I say thanks to iris aswell as he suggested to RRP that I finished it up for him as he never was going to get around to it. It was great fun to work on this park and because it was so fun I can't let RCT1 go I just want to explore and have fun on RCT1 now.

    I adored the park its my fav congrats on spotlight.
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    I did do that, posix, and it wasn't working, for whatever bizzare reason. I had the DDI spotlight page bookmarked, though, so I typed in that url, and instead of it ending in ddi, I simply typed in bgl. It brought me to the page, and all my troubles have ended.

    Great park, loved the arrow prototype flyer and the giga, but the SLC duelers seemed kinda bizzare. Just stick with good ol' B&M for your inverted flyers.
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    My opinion. (as if anyone cares)

    The entrance and buildings were excellent.

    Pilot Wings was a bit iffy. (the weird first bit was cool)

    Lutu Breeze reminded me of Cobra at Crystal Horizons, probably because of the first drop. Anyway, very good.

    Forces of Nature - Brilliant! Well timed crossovers and stuff.

    Sun Stroke - wasn't sure about the colours, although the layout r0x0red.

    The water coaster was intresting, but I didn't like it much.

    And we come to the worst coaster in the park The Last Amigo. What the hell was the bit after the 2nd drop? You could of hidden this under a tunnel or something - it just looked plain ugly. The supports were okay. Backlash is better.

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    Fantastic park that I never thought would be finished. Although I think some of the theming around sun stroke could have been a little more adventurous, the architecture and layout of the area was fantastic. Great to see some duelers, and even better to see SLC duelers :D

    Oh, and well done on the entrance!

    Great job RRP and x-sector

    PS x - I thought your favourite parkmaker was Grinch :p
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    PS x - I thought your favourite parkmaker was Grinch :p

    Not now. I Kinda changed my mind when RRP showed me SWA but I Still didn't no how great he was till he helped me out on DEO and then I got to see the lateset version of lichfield and I just loved his work.

    Anyway my views on RCT1 have changed now for some reason as I love to see new and creative ideas in RCT1 now just like the stuff you do mantis and other great creative parkmakers.

    Anyway this is nothing to do with this topic.

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    wow, reat park. it reminds me of an old SAC park, which is a good thing of course. If SWA is really so much better then i cant wait to see it

    oh yeah, that post in the ad. district was a dead give away
  • mantis%s's Photo

    Anyway my views on RCT1 have changed now for some reason as I love to see new and creative ideas in RCT1 now just like the stuff you do mantis and other great creative parkmakers.

    Cool! I thought the Mickey Mouse area in DEO was fantastic, showing something new from you :-p

    Looking forward to some more outlandish styles.
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    i liked it, but it was missing some things. The arrow looper station was very ugly, and i told him that when i first saw it, but no change. The fences..i have alot against chain link fence, and where it was present, it looked very awkward. The duelers, nice to see those were fixed, one of them used to be super intense. I must admit that SWA is much better. I disliked his one intense coaster he had when i saw it, but maybe he's fixed it.

    RRP is on top of his game, currently untouchable.