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    It is here!!! The park of all parks, the greatest park ever constructed. What has become sort of an "urban legend" here around New Element, RRP has secretly been finishing up this project for months now, with the assistance of x-sector, and now Sea World Atlanta is finally here! Featuring the greatest theming, architecture, landscaping, and atmosphere I've ever seen in any park, the park just exemplifies perfection. On the night highlighted by the second ever NE Awards, Sea World Atlanta shines bright. Congratulations RRP!!!
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    :OMG: HOLY SHIT!!! :OMG:
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    That's teh win, to partially quote Ty.
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    :0 :0 My life is now complete
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    I got the first DL and yes the park was awsome but best of all time sorry man but no. i think the RCTers have spoken on that tonight its AB by Pyro (imo) the park was very nice the water rides were amazing but im afried it takes more then that this is "Roller Coaster" tycoon after all.
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    Defo. in my top 5 list. This is a great park...capping off me being here for oh 3 1/2 horus
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    I got the first DL and yes the park was awsome but best of all time sorry man but no. i think the RCTers have spoken on that tonight its AB by Pyro (imo) the park was very nice the water rides were amazing but im afried it takes more then that this is "Roller Coaster" tycoon after all.

    OMG you fudging idiot, there's more to rollercoaster tycoon than frickin coasters, my god I could rant about that for more than two pages on 8 print, it just pisses the living hell out of me when people say that, QPOIR;OIGAE;LKGAJER;LKJN...breathe...relax...the park on the other hand is mind blowing, I almost had a heart attack, beautiful, excellent, marvelous, spectacular, awe inspiring, jaw dropping, breath taking, heart stopping, stupendous, great, awesome, perfect, sexy, #1 quality work. I'm in awe...

    ~Prince Ashitaka~ 8@
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    Well yes, and the fact that it was started so long ago and it is still very impressive. In fact, some of the ideas I know were implemented in the park a long time ago are just now becoming popular. I love the subtle hacks as much as I love the very obvious, beautiful hacks. I love love love. Most parks don't live up to this kind of expectation, but this one does. :X :xmas:

    P.S. The entrance = typical RRP. :D
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    I guess it's suitable that a Sea World park would be half water.

    The rest of the park looks nice, but that has always been one of my pet peeves in RCT spotlights. If RCT is to be more than coasters, it needs to be more than water. And I'lll probably get flamed for this because that trend has just become expected for people who don't fill up their maps. Oh well. Other than that, very good job.
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    The park is near perfect, but I find 2 (one minor) flaws in the park:
    1. I would have liked to see a few more coasters, but hey, the park still rocks.

    #2, the fatal flaw imo,
    This park really seemed to be lacking any "life" in it, it all just seemed dead in a way. Nothing really stood out as a certain ride or anything, it just seemed to all blend in a bit too well.

    On another note, excluding the life factor and rollercoasters, the park is perfect. 100% perfect.

    Excellent job RRP.
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    I can't see it, because RCT1 still doesn't work, but it looks decent, a little bland, but decent, can't really comment though, haven't and can't see it.
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    first impresion: symphony in brown.
    second impresion: what the hell does this park have to do with Sea World?

    I am going to go out on my own here and say i didn't like the park at all. The themeing, while thought out, was extremely bland and predictable. I understand the park was built way back when, but there needs to be "more" to a park than jagged rocks, and brown buildings (althought the film ride in the front corner was very nice). I was expecting to see the "Sea World" theme used a bit more. Maybe it was me but i didn't see to many aquatic animal attractions. You have to at least consider a Killer Whale stadium, maybe even just a touch pond. On the other hand i was quite impressed with the custom flat rides, very well done.
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    I liked the looks and all... but was bored to death by it.
    Perfect park, but theres more to parkmaking than perfection.
    In anycase, given this was started a LONG time ago, I give MAJOR props to rrp on such a fine park.
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    w00t! Finally! Just one thing to say until I look at it (just got home from SFMM), that logo is horrid. It's so blurry, and giffy. You can see where he pasted Atlanta over whatever it said underneath it. Ugh...
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    I got the first DL and yes the park was awsome but best of all time sorry man but no. i think the RCTers have spoken on that tonight its AB by Pyro (imo) the park was very nice the water rides were amazing but im afried it takes more then that this is "Roller Coaster" tycoon after all.

    Uh huh... forget the fact that SWA hadn't been released before tonight. Forget that it never had the chance to beat AB.

    This park is beautiful and solid and everything a Sea World park *might* be. It's not traditional, to be sure, but in this case, I'll forgive the "not sticking to the theme of the park chain" error. It's just beautiful. Creature is AMAZING. Paradise Island is gorgeous. The entrance area was so beautiful when I first saw it that I ripped it off in CHR (:D). X also did an outstanding job, because I really would not have known what part he did and what part RRP did unless I had seen the park earlier. Great job, RRP! This is currently my favorite park of all time. :)
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    ok to clear stuff up,
    Thnx to all those that commented i enjoyed the read
    Sea world dont build coasters ussually thats y there is one big one
    There is an animal attraction area with 2 shows (1 sea lions and 1 killer whale) but the real Sea world kinda bores me so i didn't just have animal rides everywhere. Oh and aero there is the next best thing to a touch pond area, the glass floor on the centre island ;)

    thnx again and i hope you all enjoyed looking at it even though it is going on 2 years now.
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    Well done RRP.

    Finally I don't have to tell people I'm not completing it.

    Thanks for letting me finish it off for you. I had great fun completing it :D.

    Paradise Island is still my fav area. I remember when everyone went on about the pirates entrance as the best area and I was the only one that thought the paradise island kickass more.

    Blue Dolphin Coast, theres something about this area I love but can't put my finger on it. Creature has to be on of my fav Beemers.

    Geyser Rock was one of the main things I had to finish off. when I first saw the area I loved the colours used and I fell in love with that rapids ride. Adix did some nice hacking on the coaster.

    Orkney Island was another classic area which I loved. I had the same thought Iris did when I first saw it that it reminded me of vTd (thats always a good thing) I love this area to the atmosphere is great and the area captures this kinda fishing village look really well.

    Pirates of the carribean I like this area but theres something about it now that doesn't make it so special maybe its the fact corky ripped it and showed his park first :D ;) still it has a great look and a nice layout.

    Calypso Quay I like this area the architecture and colours of this area are perfect I will have to say there seems to be something missing in the area to (not sure what) I like this area but I do kind of miss the old islands that where there before.

    Awesome park RRP. I had fun working on it and this park showed me to put more detail into my parks. Its awesome. I love it so much I think its my #1 park.
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    Well it’s so good, it grabbed my number 1 spot. I just thought the atmosphere was so nice, it encourages me so much to start quite a realistic park after crypto, I remember how fun it was and how nice it is working with that incredible atmosphere around you. Creature and Vortex just stunned me, when I saw Vortex I was stunned. The best flat ride I have ever seen from rrp. The atmosphere around the drop and cobra roll of Creature was insane, I just felt like I was inside the park. Congratulations to you, and well done X for finishing it off. This has given me so much boost I am looking forward to starting the next solo after crypto. I am sure this will provide so much inspiration into parks, really was amazing guys. At first I left it and went to bed last night, now I don't know why because when I first opened it this morning that atmosphere opened up with the fantasy music and that lovely entrance. The detail was just taking it too far, ok you have the fish tanks with little bushes in and statues, thats already too far, but putting names of fish and sharks, its mad. Just roughly how long has it taken to complete this incredible piece?

    Edit - 2 Years!
    :angel: - Legend
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    around 2 years to finish it and over 2 years now its out cos i stopped and started cos i got bored, then x did some finishing off and the final bit of work was done by me and that was redoing the centre.
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    About time this was released.
    Lovely atmosphere throughout the park and creature was amazing. I liked the supports.
    Vortex was a good custom flat and i loved what u did with the fish tanks

    great park