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    WOW. He does it again. Ive calmed down a bit now and have set up a full review.
    I have sortoff divided it out into seperate "chapter" haha, enjoy.

    Architecture- Your simplistic but colourful architecture is really damn perfect for RCT. It just fits. Some notable examples of great architecture was the entire entrance area, the carousel area, Looney toons land and some of the western areas.

    Themes-I think some more defined themes would have been better, but really the genericness of the park is what really made it.

    Overall layout-again, fantastic. To me it felt divided into 3 parts, a kiddie, more classical style to the "south", the waterpark, and the thrill ride section to the north. Except for the waterpark the park was easy to navigate by eye, and flowed really well.

    "The little things"-So many of these. Lets see I can remember a few, the dismantled shuttle loop, spare parts trains for the standup, numerous games, Six flag's sponsors like the MMporium, pizza hut, etc, the Clown Cars on flashback, the caricature stand, the "put your head here and take a picture" things, the drainage ditch, themeing details on the flyer, B&M and GCI, and Sooo much more.

    Ride Lineup-To me this is usually the most importand part of a park, especcially a realistic one. I felt the park was missing something here, perhaps a big, unique one of a kind classic ride. You came close with thunder run, but to me it had to generic a name and was to similiar to Predator. Even SFA has a pretty unique one of a kind ride, so does KK for that matter. Something else could have been awesome, like a premier maybe, but not needed. Everything else was really spot on. The Flats were all awesome, I appreciate the amount of time put into each. The water rides were all excellent, including the waterpark and penguins.

    Coasters-all were awesome, here is an depth of each.

    Flashback-Made alot of sense, I liked how it was one of the oldest rides and right near the entrance. Major + for clown cars.

    Wild Mouse-Excellent theming on this one, nice layout.

    Thunder Run-Excellent lookalike to Predator, nothing wrong with the ride itself just not very original.

    Mind Eraser-Could have done the roll-over better, but otherwise probablly the best RCT version of this ever.

    Bizzarro-Awesome layout, awesome theming, only complaint was that it almost seemed small, Chang looks massive in pictures.

    Overall, this park is just damn amazing. My New Favorite park, possibly ever.
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    So, now that I can truly express my opinion beyond a write-up, I have some words to say about this park.

    In my honest opinion, not only is this by far the best park of 2010, but the most perfect RCT2 release ever. Its aesthetics far surpass WWAP, as well as this year's other two spotlights, and the entire thing exudes a unique elegance and class. The details are incredibly thought through, and it's definitely the most realistic park released on NE in terms of sheer accuracy. I find this park beautifully composed, perfectly detailed, and overall excellent. I'm honestly having trouble finding the right words to describe this park, but it was a joy to follow this park on AIM and see it in full-bloom,finally.

    Congrats Brian... It's definitely deserved, and you've just released my #1 park of all time.
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    I fully agree with robbie on this in that there are no words that can describe this park accurately. This is one of those parks that will not only inspire the next generation of builders but also us veterans that need that extra spark showing us that things can be done in RCT2 that once were though to be impossible. Yes most of the hacks have been done before in other releases however this is the complete picture. I could go on and on about the details in this park but again, it would take forever and robbie's write up captures them perfectly.

    Brian, congrats on yet another Spotlight and for setting the new standard in realistic parkmaking. Like robbie, this is my #1 park of all time.

    Talk about a great month in NE history, the most realistic Design and now the most realistic Park. To anyone that says rct2 is dead, have them come to NE and check out the recent releases!

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    All I have to say is fantastic job Brian! I admire the working water park. I thought the I was the only one that thought of a working wave pool. :p

    The details here just sell it like always. Just like Watkins Woods, this is indeed a master piece that will be looked upon for years to come.

    Never stop these creations of art! :mantis:
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    This is so awesome
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    so many spotlights!! this is sooooooo cool! I'll come back with more comments after I download

    wow, amazing. I can't even begin to describe all of the details, it would take me hours (and I'm sure you know all of them anyway seeing as you made the thing) but I would like to put special mention to the sbno ride and the smoking zone! aagh very delicious. while I may not agree that this surpasses this year's other spotlights in every way, it surely is the best realistic parkmaking I have ever seen. this thing blew my mind.

    and then when you think you're done, POW! he hits you with building interiors! super classy
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    That's "Almost perfect park" I have seen :D :D
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    Congrats to an amazing player. Throughly deserved and I'm glad I have got to talk to you and share thoughts on such an amazing park through the building process. All coasters were on the money and everything you built shown class, skill and the most realistic viewpoint I have ever seen in an rct2 creation. This park has elevated you into a small class of park makers with multiple spotlights and it's scary to think you have so much more to come. Congrats again and please keep building masterpieces because you're one amazing player.
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    "Because this park is freakin' sweet!"

    Wow, congrats on the Spotlight CP6, 91.54%! Correct me if I'm wrong, that's the second highest rated park in the history of New Element, after Kumba's Kumba Design!
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    I just looked through the park, alt tabbing to this window and making a note when I saw another thing that awed me. Congrats CP6 this is absolutely fantastic. And I haven't even got round to the no roofs version - I only have an hour or so of RCT time today and this just took 30 minutes of it! And will take many more over the coming weeks I'm sure.

    So those go karts are absolutely INCREDIBLE!

    Himalaya... + area around it with all the other custom fairground style rides...

    Office buildings, stage... diagonal pieces of car park..

    Bizarro parts train...

    Custom van in between Terminator...

    So many details!
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    congrats on your 2nd Spotlight! I think no other park ever deserved that crown more than this park and I think it's nearly impossible to ever top this park. The level of realism is also untopable. My favourite rides are the flying dutchman coaster, the river rapids and the log flume, but of course I really love all rides in this park, and with all I mean totally all.
    You are by far my absolutely favourite parkmaker and I never thought that a park like this would be possible in RCT2, but you did it.
    Like Robbie said, it's hard to find the right words, cause this is so amazing. All the details, realism, perfect layouts and the park layout in total, the custom flat rides, there is really no point I could find where anything could have been done better. This park is perfectness in it's purest absolution.

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    Congrats CP6. While this is certainly spotlight worthy It doesnt grab park of the year for me I'm afraid. While i can appreciate the effort and the time spent in the pursuit of realism it just doesn't do it for me. I will always find Realism more boring and less imaginative than fantasy.

    It is a great park though and along with Kumba's Kumba will be the standard for realistic parks for some time. I did feel it could do with one more large scale coaster in the vein of a B&M Hyper of large invert but otherwise it near as perfect as can be. I Especially loved the little rocket next to the wild mouse :)
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    Congrats, Brian! I'll be sure to check it out when I get a chance, but this looks like it lived up to everything I thought it would be!
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    Certainly craps all over Liampie's Six Flags Carolina :p
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    Holy Crap!!!! I spent countless hours gazing at WWAP, and now this?!? I'll post my thoughts after a very thorough look through this one. Overview is fricken' amazing. There's peeps, too! You've outdone yourself again, CP6.
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    ah totally forgot this park :p .
    remember when we tried to get those karts working. that was pretty hard :p .
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    Oh my, realism is so strong at NE :)

    CP6, again, my sincere congrats on a phenomenal park. As I had commented on this during chat with you when you had just submitted it, I feel a little empty of words. But when thinking back, the one thing that my mind has linked to this park is how clear it becomes that to create true realism in RCT, the amount of knowledge one must have of parks and coasters is almost limitless, but you possess it. This comes clear when looking at all the backstage areas we talked about yesterday. I was especially impressed by the huge concert stage.

    While it's obvious how one could go on about the endless positives of this park, I feel you might actually appreciate to know what negatives could be found. After all, not everyone voted it 100%. So just to mention a well meant and tiny little critique, the one thing that substracted slightly from my vote was the sometimes too technical and dry atmosphere of the park. I had this problem in Watkin Woods, too, and here it's already become much better, but it's still sometimes apparent. But obviously this is very subjective.

    Congrats again!
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    Noo.. No i don't believe it.. Oh my god.. :drool:
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    This is a huge day for the RCT community.
    Six Flags Carolina is arguably the greatest park every finished.
    Congrats, CP6, on such a masterful achievement.