Park / Nature's Fury


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    Ha Kumba I don't know what offseason success you're talking about for the Jets, all they've done is resign Holmes, fail to get Asomugha, and lose Brad Smith

    Anyway it's nice to see this released and thanks a lot to the prep team. Looking at the votes I imagine the lack of custom supports really hurt, but I'm interested to hear everyone's opinion
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    Well I wrote that before the deal to the Eagles was made... somewhere JDP is likely having multiple orgasms right about now... Still you guys are looking good even without Nmamdi and hey, Moss is still out there. Really tho I was just being nice, as a Dolphins fan I hate the Jets and the Pats who keep adding talent.

    On topic, great design and I was happy to be the one who finally got the write-up done :)
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    Ah, nice to see this on the front page!

    Comet, I've always liked how you play this game. You always seem to have a clear idea of what you want to make, and don't release it until it fulfills your expectations.

    That being said, I thought this was a really fun layout that felt really old-school without the custom supports. I know it can be said for many designs, but this one especially felt that it would have been better suited in a full park. Kind of reminded me of what would have been an "E Ticket Attraction" in one of the old spotlight parks.

    My only real complaint would be to get your parks out of the woods. You always have everything so shrouded in foliage that it's hard to appreciate all the excellent touches you add to your work.

    Anyway, congrats on the design man! Well deserved.
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    this was a '7' to you guys?
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    I didn't like this very much. Congrats on the accolade though Comet! :)
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    Can someone please kick JDP out of the accolade panel? Thank you.

    Congrats Comet, were you inspired by a H2H5 minutemen park Turtle was working on? I see a lot of similarities.
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    ^Nope. People are entitled to their opinions.
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    Comet, you have always been one of my favorites in the community. From the very start you have influenced me with your projects and just for the fact that you never gave up the game after all this time. You've always been talented, and while I look at your profile and see many 'failures' over time, the simple fact that you never let that get to is the best trait any parkmaker can have. Each park you release is a bit of a gem to me, holding a sense of charm and nostalgic value to me, reminding myself of how I looked up to you as I was a newcomer to the community.

    That is why this release is so great to me. Even without it not being the best on a technical level, it shows the value of fun this game's worth to you as you consistently come back to show us whatever projects you come up with, and how little you cane care about the trends we set here. It shows you can have great work without falling victim to cliches such as ultra realistic layouts in realistic settings, custom supports, among other things.

    This is a good step up for you, dude, and the fact that you're already showing you're latest and greatest in the dump place is a good sign that you'll be here for a bit longer.While you're not at the top yet, I see you as a true rising star.
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    Charming. As was mentioned in the advertising thread, I really wished there was some custom supports, but I thought the layout was good in its unconventional ways. Perhaps a little weak in the ending. The odd blend of trees really worked to your advantage, I think.
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    Well I wrote that before the deal to the Eagles was made... somewhere JDP is likely having multiple orgasms right about now...

    yes and it felt fantastic! im sure you're happy with reggie though

    Can someone please kick JDP out of the accolade panel? Thank you.

    im sure im the only person on the panel who is strict with coasters... which mixes things up (look at my vote for Steel). i liked this design but it was nothing special. it had points where it felt uninspired along with it being rushed and no custom supports didnt help.
    but its cool "Cena" with the CMPunk avatar. you can hate on me all you want, wont get ya far though
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    h8rz gna h8, jdp.

    this looks so very sexy. best design for a while me thinks.
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    I thought this was pretty impressive for its unconventionalism and challenging terrain level variations you went for. Especially latter are very hard to hamornise out but you did it well. The layout itself was fun to watch. I also liked how you turned a non-theme (nature) into a theme.

    What I would like to suggest for you to consider in future projects: Don't overmusic things. One jungle drums playing somewhere is more than enough in my opinion. And, be careful to properly expose the features of your park. Building entrances, facades, ride and shop entrances, path + ride interactions, make them clearly visible and pronounce them with details. You often had them hidden by overpowering greenery, which I felt was a waste the park's potential.
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    I am very sorry, your ride is good, but not like {Maveric's Kraken} vertical is way better and really deserve the design award.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
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    Great manners, hulkpower25.

    Comet; I love the setting. It might break a few unwritten design rules, but I don't really care much about that; it looks like a fun ride, and like you had fun building it. That's what matters when you open a park, I believe.
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    ^^imma let you finish, but...

    anyway, it was a pretty good design. overall the atmosphere was very relaxing and cozy, and your layout was good. It was definitely hurt by the lack of custom supports though, and all of the architecture seemed too repetetive and unrealistic (in terms of what style it is based on- it didn't really feel "real"). some highlights for me were the brake structure and the eating patio at the bottom.
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    ^^^ because your opinion is absolute?

    Fuck that I'd take comet's design anyday over maverix's both are great but Comet's just appealed to me WAY better than maverix's
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    This is not getting a hit on me, Im sorry...
    I Agree with Hulkpower,

    I think i miss something that makes this perfect, also the layout doesn't get me either,
    it just need something that make it special i think, which it isn't now.
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    I enjoyed. Especially because it is so different than the stuff we see normally on the frontpage. The fact that there were no custom supports didn't bother me. The lay-out was fun, the buildings look nice and the foliage+landscaping were just insane.
    I agree with Zburns though; the foliage was a bit too dense and blocked views in some places.

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    hulkpower I'm beginning to think you're illiterate, thanks for the pictures though. They really helped get the point across
    To everyone else thanks for the comments I'll answer some of the questions and criticism a little later