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    sterile. very sterile, but i still enjoyed it immensely purely fore the innovation.
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    Verry nice !! :( i really want to see it but can not open it , i've got no rct1 -_-
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    This was very nice. It was a pity though that you had already shown almost every detail in the AD. That took away much of the surprise that it could have caused otherwise.
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    I absolutely loved this! The Burger Monster Restaurant was a fantastic idea, the trackitecture supports were brilliantly executed and the two supporting flats were incredibly realistic (especially Shooting Star). It was, however, somewhat lacking in atmosphere. But the techincal aspect of this was incredible. Congrats on the accolade! :D
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    I think the layout was WAYYY too short for the height it had, the foliage was lacking in places and the only innovation was in how extensive the hacking was, very technical and nothing more tbh but off a level it deserved something that's why I voted 65%
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    This was very nice. It was a pity though that you had already shown almost every detail in the AD. That took away much of the surprise that it could have caused otherwise.

    I think the difference is that an actual RELEASE instead of screens scattered around the forums is what should count.

    I thought this was absolutely brilliant. Pierrot, you've found dozens of clever new ways of combining the objects available in LL to create amazing effects that no one has ever done. The supports, the top of the drop tower, the dolphin statue, the bag lockers or the ground lines are just some of the examples that really really impressed me. Thank you for this submission.
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    I'm not entirely sure if I understand what you mean. What difference?
    I agree that the release should count, but when I look at a released park I can not disconnect it from what I saw on the forum before that. The things I saw on the forum before were jawdropping indeed and built up great expectations, but I didn't get that feeling again when I saw them the second time, because I had already seen them and because this seemed to be almost exclusively about these technical innovations. So in this case the way the design was advertised was not beneficial to how I perceived the release.
    Now I sound way to negative. I still found this great. So keep it up - I'm looking forward to further innovations in this game!
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    Amazing work,excellent.
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    Its a nice looking coaster but im not loving it, Maybe its because i cant appreciate the technical ability of the stuff going on in the park, But anyway congrats pierrot :)
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    Lift hill was longer than the ride itself, lol...
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    I got to say the score on this design really surprised me. I was expecting a possible Kumba kinda score and it got a SoK score... Louis and Airtime, I really want to know what logic went with your scores...

    Congrats Pierrot, I really love what you did here :mantis:
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    ^Dont get me wrong I still liked this but there ware quite a few things that brought it down for me for a quick example the layout and aesthetics. I'll post properly when I have the time. Well done Pierrot btw :)
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    Everything was plain, stale, sterile. I wasn't a fan of the layout. Yes, the ideas and hacking was good, but I felt that they were just put in for the sake of it. The architecture wasn't amazing, I didn't like the two flat rides, particularly the swinger (the aesthetics just weren't great), I still found the supports to be messy.

    Overall, the ideas were there but there wasn't any focus on atmoshpere and aesthetics, just pure ideas, which is why for me, I didn't enjoy the overall picture.

    You may be thinking why on earth I voted so low, but I can say the same thing, why on earth did people vote so high?

    But it's all a matter of opinion, and this is mine.

    There were some nice features though, it just didn't fully come together for me.

    (Oh and I really like the logo :p )
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    So the main reason for my vote was the layout and aesthetics. The whole design didn't totally come together for me. The hacks were good but they compensate for other things lacking.

    The layout wasn't amazing at all. It was below average and below design score and with that the whole design gets brought down. It was too short for how big it is, if it had been a bit longer I think it would have helped a great deal. The pacing was pretty awful if I'm honest, it flew round there. The sloped turns were in awful places and looked awful as well, for example before the pretzel loop and before the zero-g. Also because everything else is ultrarealistic I was expecting to see 2 trains and 8 cars per train and not launched out of the station :p

    The new supporting system didn't pay off in my eyes either I think sticking with just the one type of support used such as B&M twister/invert track would have worked wonders. The supports in one or two areas went into the track badly and were totally on the wrong side for example the turn after the pretzel loop. The supports on the transfer as well didn't touch each other which looked messy.

    The station wasn't too bad for architecture. I was really pleased to see you fixed the brown and white building with the teal. I really liked this. The burger resturant was quite nice. Maybe a bit over hacked but it worked and looked nice. The two buildings by the coaster exit weren't too good I'm afraid, a bit flat and boxy. The toliet building was ncie but I feel like I've seen it before...

    The swinger that was broken down, I wasn't a fan of one bit. Sorry but what was that supposed to be? The roof looked a bit messy and too much. The generate was also too much and reality unless it was a fair ground wouldn't be there but rather in a back stage area with large generates for the whole park. Same with the star flyer? The star flyer itself was brillaint executed. Maybe could of done with a foot path underneath instead of just the land texture.

    The foliage wasn't too bad actually and I really enjoyed bits of it, quite shocked to be honest. However I think more sparodic bushs could have been placed on the grass making things a little less open and a little more dense. Land textures under and around the foliage clusters such as mud and muddy grass would have helped a lot. But that foliage in general especially around the coasters lift was some of the best I've seen for a long time!
    The foliage and general things such as planters and fences around the plaza were awesome as well!

    The car park, road and the coasters queue line roofing were real nice!

    Don't get me wrong I liked it but IMO it wasn't design worthy, sorry. The best things about it was the foliage, car park and road. Which I adored but that wasn't enough, sorry.

    Congrats non the less though! Some amazing technical creations and new ways of doing things in here that's not been done before but that didn't make the design.

    Next time maybe take a step back from the little details, hacks and realism and look at the bigger picture like the aesthetics. Maybe sacrifice some of the realism and things will look a lot better and also come togehter nicer. I think you'll create some truely phenomenal stuff.

    Congrats though :)

    (I feel like Kong with the long post I made you :p)
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    WOW... Realistic, Extremely Clean and Not Cluttered with useless aesthetics that would just kill the entire "Natural" Atmosphere you have here, Beautiful Work sir, Keep it up!