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    Yes! It's out! I need to look in game for this.
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    Amazing and excellent work.I love the all the coasters and that way thing are place.
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    Before I comment on the rides and other good shit, pardon me for being a nitpick about a few things:
    a.)Why are there staff wandering around in the area beyond Gunpowder?
    b.)The patrol areas were incomplete; nearly all of the rides-excluding the roller coasters-were broken down almost constantly due to inefficient mechanic coverage.
    c.)It seems like the staff could have been cleaned up a little more before the park was released...but maybe that's just me.
    Other than that, I enjoyed this. Out of all the areas, I'd have to pick oriental just from the quality of its theming. The Shinto shrines that the coaster went through were a nice touch, and the pagoda roofs were well done. I do think that the coaster's line could have used a little more glitz and glamor in that exposed area.
    And of course, the log flume. Seems to be your signature ride :p
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    You just gotta work on your layouts... they're uninspiring, to say the least. Other than that it was a great park to look at.
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    ^In this park they are a little indeed but I think usually BelgianGuy's strength are his layouts. At least in my opinion.
    From the overview this is very nice. I'm a fan of your work to be quite honest. We should work on something together very soon!
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    Lovely little park you have there!
    Should have scored a little better IMO. I wasn't a fan of the mainstreet, it looked sterile compared to the other areas. The path-ride ratio was a little tight, I have the same problem in my parks as well. Maybe next time you could broaden the paths 1-2 tiles to get a more realistic park feel. The themes were nicely executed. No out-of-the box themes but still very nice. I thought the coasters were nice too. Good to see unusual rides like the Maurer Söhne.
    The pirate area in the back had a strange bottleneck and sticks too much to the map edge, didn't like that much. The big oak tree was slightly overused in my opinion. I'd use more vanilla RCT-trees and the oak tree just in a few prominent occasions.

    Ride interaction is your strong point. How the rides interact with landscape, queue and other rides is awesome. Love that!

    My advice for next park: Bigger, wider paths and work a little on the archy and you have yourself a spotlight!

    Keep it up!

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    How did this not get spotlight? this had to be the most realistic 'theme park' the site has seen. Absolutely outstanding. Better than dreamport in my eyes.
    I really was blown away by this, it was the little details and touches that made it brilliant, yet realistic because they weren't overdone, like the lassoo and the trebuchet. great work.

    I stand by what I said.
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    I personally loved this park. Felt good to finally give a good mark to a well deserving gold. The park oozed atmosphere, but I can feel that people didn't find it spotlight quality. For one thing that's probably the relatively small size of the park. Even so I can recommend using a bigger map even if you are building an equally siezed park as this. It just gives you that little extra breathing room. Also from what I gathered how you burst through it from the park updates topic. You made the mistake there to just let it rest a few weeks finished checking the park over time instead of just sending it in as soon as possible. That's what resulted in all the comments you already got from RCTMASTA. It was very noticable tbh.
    All in all a great park though. My favorite area was easily the wild west area, especially around the bridge and the woodies drop. Gratz on gold :)
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    amazing and inspiring!
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    Brilliant work! From the Wild West theme (and that excellent Lasso sculpture) to the relaxing atmosphere of the Chinese area, this park was easily deserving of Gold, if not Spotlight. The Maurer Sohne coaster (and it's medieval area) was fantastic. There are so many things that I love, so I'll just name a few of them. The second dive on Sea Serpent, the Carousel at the entrance, the sculpture on the roof of XS-1, the entire of the Tsunami log flume, the Wild West buildings, the sign leading into the Pirate area, the Bridge into the Wild West area, the entire river and the buildings in the Pirate area (the ones on the right) were all excellent. I do agree that there were perhaps too many large oak trees behind Sea Serpent. Also, the name Sea Serpent seems like too many syllables for a coaster like that. I think the name 'Serpent' might have been a better choice, but that might just be me. But each area was fantastically themed and executed and it's a great start to the New Year!
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    Great work guys! This is pure gold.
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    yeah congrats, i love the slingshot, its fantastic. gold suits this park. just step up on landscaping an archy to get spotlight.
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    an archy

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    Posted Image

    Plus, an Edith.

    I'll give my comments on the park when I have time.
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    wow. just got back from camp and what a treat this was.

    honestly I was just blown away by the quality of this park. kudos to you, you really exceeded my expectations of you as a parkmaker. most of this park was excellently crafted with beautiful architecture, layouts, interaction, etc etc. frankly, I'm quite jealous :D

    I could maybe say that the medievel area seemed a bit rushed and awkward or get nitpicky about some things, but I honestly don't want to as this is an amazing park and I just want to focus on the the great bits. congratulations, I see a bright future for you.
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    Great work guys! This is pure gold.

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    BG-I realized the other day I hadn't seen this in its final form, and wow it's changed a lot! I don't recognize it hardly at all from when I had last seen it. I really wish that my builders block hadn't hit when we were working on this, If anything I held you back on this park a bit. Your work is really some of the best the site has, detailed, but in a really unique and creative ways, and the way you implement thematic elements, like the lasso and monster head are really awesome. Its all very colorful and cheery to. What happened to Bullrun? That was a fantastic layout! I almost think you should post some old savegames so people can see how the park looked at one point. I remember we even had Pacificoaster on board at one point, and back then it didnt go over to well lol. He's come a long ways to.

    I just saw the last PM you had sent me the other day, and I hadn't responded and I felt like a douche bag for ignoring you. But then I've pretty much ignored the whole site the past few months. If you don't have a spotlight under your belt in the next 2 years or so I will be surprised. You certainly have the ability and vision. I know your upset about me forgetting about this and the situation with K0NG, but I really hope is doesn't distract you from your game cause its awesome.