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    It shows promise. But still needs a lot more work to acchieve the acolade.
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    There is certainly a great idea here, that just wasn't executed at a super high level. The coaster needed a lot of work and was just painfully slow in too many places. I used to have set speed ranges I looked for on every type of inversion, and tho I don't remember what those were, I do know these seemed to crawl through the inversions rather than flow through them. Wolf mountain itself was a bit of a let down. The wolf was actually believable to me, but the symmetry of the rest of the mountain made it uninteresting. There defintely needed to be some landscaping at the bottome and I'm thinking if you'd have brown land sloping up and then the grey rocks poking out halfway up the mountain you may have acheived a more fluid look that truly made it the feature of the design. The western main street was actually pretty good architecturally, but it needed a wider street so we could actually see and enjoy what you did here more.

    This definitely showed that you have some talent and some good ideas, you just need to work on your execution and coaster skills now.
  • Milo%s's Photo
    This reminds be of Butterfinger's rct2 in a way.
  • AK Koaster%s's Photo
    Thanks for the insight Toon. This is my first custom-scenery release, and I put this together over a weekend from a concept I had been thinking of doing. I may actually revisit it at some point and take a little more time in making it look better, maybe making it a little higher and making the mountain look a bit more realistic. If I do re-do this, it will be once I have more practice with custom scenery and ride design.
  • tyandor%s's Photo
    It's not just about the custom scenery. You have a great concept, but the actual design of the ride itself is very poor. As Louis said, it shows promise, but step one is to get your ride itself right and the scenery around it is second priority.
  • AK Koaster%s's Photo
    When I re-do this, it will be a completely different design (with the exception of the spiral lift), a good bit taller and faster as well. I'll work on it, but I'm thinking about something new for the ride, maybe winding it around a larger mountain with a few cool new water effects and near-misses
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