Park / Vulture


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    Awesome. Full review later
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    simply speechless :eek:

    edit: Nice write-up robbie
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    Only thing I'm gonna say at this time is....Rob, you know that calling this "eponymous" would insinuate that I'm a scavenger. Everyone knows I'm a predator.

    I hope everyone enjoys this. As much as I truly do build for myself...I always think about what you guys will think when you see it. I went through hell to finish this...but, other than seeing Kumba going against his normal high vote here and ensuring that his design remains atop the was absolutely worth every minute I spent on it.

    Plus...I finally fucking FINISHED something.

    Make sure you look around the whole map....there's a lot of shit that's not obvious at first glance.

    Only thing I'm bummed about.....I was so happy to finally finish this that I forgot to name/place staff. I had some killer ideas for that.

    Ehhh, next time :SA:
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    I have a hard time liking this ... it's so different then all others. It needs time to sink in...

    None the less, congrats on one of the highest scoring designs around here K0NG :)!
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    Intricately built, and it just looks like plain fun. Great job, K0NG. :)
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    K0NG, eponymous means that the "eponymous coaster" gave the design its name. Unless you're being facetious.
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    K0NG, this design is amazing! Nice job. And an even nicer job on that it got a 91! Congrats on your accolade.
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    Theming is beautifull but on some points i think the Train "Wingrider" is not possible on the layout.
    Why do i think dat, The interlocking Corscrews! There To Close, i know it's RCT-2 but a little detail.
    In the Bend element which is banked there's a Support which i think the Train would hit with theese trains in the Real thing.

    Further it's an Amazing job you did! Theming is Fabilous and on the most points the Layout is Brilliant!
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    O. My. God.
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    To start off, Congrats on finishing and winning a design!
    It's an amazing piece of art.

    There were so many things in this that I liked. The mine train, the magic shoppe and way more.
    Looking at the overview there is a lot of brown though you've found a way to not overkill it with brown which is awesome.
    The design was awesome, also for it's scale!

    Congrats again.
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    Amazing be back with full comment.

    The pacing towards the end sucked. The architecture was fantastic but the only problem with it was the colors were bland.

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    Well, I will start with saying that this is probably the most laggy thing I have ever seen in RCT2 :lol: For this reason I wanted to watch the naked version, but I seem to be missing an object.

    On to the design now; It was really great to watch. The lay-out was really nice. Even though it was laggy, I could see it had a nice flow and a good pacing. The colors were nice and the supports were executed properly.

    The station was pure awesomeness. Really nice, loved the details, the logo and it had the perfect size. The queue was also really great. I loved how guests could see bits of the coaster.

    The surrounding architecture was very nice. Each building had it's own identity. My only complaint could be that you used the deco art on every building. The foliage was weird, but as I already said in the AD I really liked it for some reason. It fit very well with the coaster. The landscaping was just insane.

    The supporting flatrides were nice, I especially liked the carousel. The water ride was nice, but I think it went waaaaay to fast around the corner after the drop. The architecture around this ride was really sick though.

    I'm really happy to see you finally managed to finish and submit something, so congrats on that and congrats on an incredible (deserved) score.

    Oh, why are there two logo's? I liked the one in the read-me better.
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    Totally sick dude. I haven't checked out many of the recent parks/designs since I haven't been around that much but when I saw that you actually got your name in it's solitude on the front page, when I saw that something made solely by k0ng (as opposed to having a guest spot) had been released, I just had to download it and check it out. And I can't say much other than it was just simply fucking amazing. It held the incredible level that you've shown in your screens, all the way through. There can be no doubt by now that you're one of the very best.
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    I will have to say Extreme,Amazing and Unique Job.In the last year i will have to say its your best work ever, finished. the flat rides were very good, and the scenery was beyond amazing and supper good.
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    I love the atmosphere in this K0NG. Easily one of my favorite accolades in a while.
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    This is a phenomenal design K0NG, nice work!
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    The supports sucks, but the rest is insane! Congrats.
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    Was a great design tho yeah I was not in the 90s because a few things brought it down imo. I did not like the coaster type (has B&M ever even done that) and the orange color seemed random and did not look good. The layout itself was nice tho.

    The landscaping was shaky, realistic for the theme... I guess, but still hard on the eyes. Also the unnamed staff can always gets a -5 from me, but you had some unnamed rides too, so that took it from 85 to the 80.

    Overall the themeing was fantastic, great work there. I loved all the mine equipment and the use of tracks. Really a great design, just that landscaping made the atmosphere so dull. Cork used to drive me crazy with that. I am just not a fan of dull colors like that when the effect the park/designs overall atmosphere.